Success is about happiness, relationships, and helping others making a difference in the world. How did you get her into TJ? I think she is talking about a large problem in our society that is prevalent in education but reaches far beyond schools and colleges. Notify me of new comments via email. Do what you love. Preparation is good, and we ought to encourage young students to be organized and diligent in pursuing goals important to them. They will also develop both cultural awareness and communicative skills through selected audio-visual media.

My opinion is simple, if you want your child to succeed, then give them options. I see kids devastated for not making it into TJ. You secure a first date with Flavius the Third. Sure, they worked hard, and they might have the luxury of letting their kids explore life because they always have the safety net of wealth. Do what brings you happiness. If there is a test, one can prepare for it.

If you graduate TJ, as I did inyou know that you can pretty much do anything if you just keep at it. Buddy systems when new kids enroll in the local high school.

Thomas Jefferson – TJ Summer Reading Lists

Students continue the study of musical notation, rhythm, and form. I recently lost my academic passion because of the stuff you referred to in your article, but it has returned back recently.


tjhsst summer homework

I have seen in them the stress and unhappiness the competitive culture of do-or-die, sink-or-swim can cause — from middle school to graduate education. There is homesork real panic to make it into TJ and a mania of doing better because reasons.

tjhsst summer homework

Sports were a huge part of what I did at TJ. PS I found this post because an old H.

Will refer to them as CGL. Sounds like even after a decade the problems are tjsst the same. I had the option of attending such a school, but for personal reasons chose not to.

I Have A Problem With The Nation’s #1 High School – Between Me and You

This is so important! Truly check out the most recent stats. Submit to yourself before you submit to someone else. Oy vey, I did not state that toil and accomplishment can only be found at TJ. Included in this course are civilizations in Mesopotamia, Sjmmer, Greece and Rome and the great stories and personalities of the Western tradition like Cicero and Julius Caesar.

The Middle School Program

The course of study requires a high degree of intellectual integrity and rigor yet does not expect the level of sophistication plausible for a high-school student. But how I deal with the situation will change my lifestyle or my life. Status matters and names open doors.

StudentVoice Like Liked by 1 person. Were all just pawns in an avalanche of rutabagas. It is a culture of Race To Nowhere, when it should be a culture of passion and learning. This piece reflects so many of my feelings towards my experience in my own school. Reblogged this on knittingfrenzy18 and commented: We live in a capitalist world built on competition. That vision of success is tjbsst narrow.


I think this whole school system you have in the US is totally messed up. IV Be who you want to be.

2019 TJ Summer Reading Lists

Nor is she homrwork she had it tough. Hths, to those unaware, is also in the upper echelon of STEM high schools. I love you girl. The bad news you hear are all the results you hear on the news. His mom made him. The texts studied, which include several novels, plays, and poems, parallel-in theme and subject-those which they will be examining in other courses.

Fast-forward to today… kids are taking tests to score better on these 2nd grade aptitude tests at the behest of their parents.