Students will be involved in the planning and implementation of the project s and may spend time outside of the classroom. Bibliography and Methods of Research. American poetry, fiction, and prose written between and Depending on the instructor, the emphasis may be philosophical readings of literary texts or the literary treatment of philosophical texts. Special topics in Medieval literature to Formal and thematic traditions of poetry in English, with emphasis on techniques of reading and of writing critical essays. Romantic-era literature focusing on a particular circle of writers who knew and wrote in relation to one another.

English also serves as the gateway course for the certificate in British and Irish Studies. Encourages students to investigate a topic within the discipline of Shakespeare Studies at greater length than in a survey class. This course considers the British Isles from a variety of perspectives: A major writer or special topics of the period. Among the writers to be considered may be Eliot, Pound, H. Introduction to Victorian Studies.

Any level English or Comparative Literature class.

uga intro to creative writing

Topics in Renaissance Literature. Introduction to the English Department at the University of Georgia.

Encourages students who would like to learn about Shakespeare, his world, and his writing. Composition and Literature Honors. The literary engagement with cultural pluralism in Colonial America. Restoration and Eighteenth-Century English Drama. Other courses may be approved for writing ceeative credit if they meet certain criteria. The major fiction and poetry of the period, with some attention to literary movements as well as the impact of the Civil War on American literature.


An introduction to genres, themes, and contexts of the Romantic writign.

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Issues in Feminist Theory and Criticism. Focus may be short fiction, poetry, non-fiction, performative writing, novel uag, hypertext, or hybrid forms. The Eighteenth-Century English Novel. Course includes a service-learning project during the semester that either employs skills or knowledge learned in the course or teaches new skills or knowledge related to course objectives.

Close analysis of literary works as the basis of effective critical writing. Topics and instructors vary from semester to semester.

Considers a few plays in detail. Offered fall and spring semester every year. Students receiving creqtive credit hour will work six to ten hours a week at a literary media venue and turn in short weekly work logs and t short final paper summarizing their experiences. Literature in English in relation to forms of media, past or present, to media environments, and to media change. In this course, you will prepare your capstone portfolio in which you select pieces from each course taken jntro certificate credit to showcase in the portfolio and compose a reflective analysis of your work over the course of the program.


The relationship between rhetorical theory and the practice of writing, both literary and non-literary.

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A current critical problem, school, or approach, such as structuralism, poststructuralism, feminism, psychoanalysis, Marxism, New Historicism, gay and lesbian studies, postmodernism, or cultural studies.

Elements of writing poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction through selected readings and discussion of student writing for Honors students.

uga intro to creative writing

Focuses on teaching and learning from Shakespeare at all educational levels. A survey of literature written by Shakespeare throughout his career.

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Short fiction in English, with some attention to historical development of the genre, narrative techniques, and the development of critical strategies for reading and writing. Advanced Reporting and Writing. An apprenticeship in the teaching of undergraduate first-year composition courses in the Department of English.

One or more folk groups, folklore genres, or topics inntro folklore. The internship will culminate with a final academic project. Science Writing for General Audiences. History of Rhetoric and Textuality. English drama from its beginnings to the opening of the public theater in Elements of writing poetry, ibtro, and creative non-fiction through selected readings and discussion of student writing.