Review of Online Applications. When the Graduate School enters the final decision, an email is sent to the applicant informing them that a final decision has been made and is ready to view by logging into Slate. Thesis and Dissertation Manual. They occur regularly throughout the semester. If the application and supporting credentials are submitted electronically, processing time is reduced significantly, and files may be completed and ready for departmental review quickly.

Residency Status for Tuition Purposes. Graduation Information and Important Dates — Important Information for Graduating Students The Graduation Application page includes information regarding how to apply, fees, final plans of study and other information. All registrations full and partial attendance will be confirmed then. Find your dissertation files. While this plan is an option, students are free to purchase any verifiable health insurance plan of their choice. Under Interinstitutional Registration and the Greater Greensboro Consortium, enrollment and payment of tuition and fees take place on the home campus. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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Plan of Study Deadline: See the University calendar. Residency Status for Tuition Purposes. Once a decision has been made, hncg Graduate School updates the Banner file and notifies the student that the deferral has been approved.

Directors of Graduate Study Handbook – The Graduate School

Please note that there is a deadline for the submission of the final copy. The Graduate School also recommends that departments post their student handbooks in PDF format online, and keep them updated as new editions appear.


uncg dissertation guide

See the Policy on Discriminatory Conduct. All registrations full and partial attendance will be confirmed then.

uncg dissertation guide

These standards must be consistent with Graduate School admission policies. The Office of Information Technology Services provides information regarding computing, communication, and data; they also assist with university accounts, email, printingand discounted student software.

Distance learning, extension, and online courses are not eligible. The Director of Graduate Studies DGS is the primary responsible party for graduate education in the department or program and serves as the liaison with The Graduate School.

Bookmarks In a PDF file, bookmarks can be used to take the reader dkssertation from one location to another. The Graduate School partners with Jackson Library to provide a convenient, distraction-free work environment and tools to help students keep track of their writing progress. Its five-level curriculum, with 23 hours per week of instruction, prepares students for success in academic and professional situations. If cissertation notify their department of their desire to defer admission or to attend earlier than originally stated, the department should refer students to the Intent to Enroll form.

Electronic Thesis or Dissertation (ETD)

For additional information on these action features, use the Help Guide in Adobe Acrobat. Find your dissertation files. The second component, the timeline, should indicate both what has been completed and what remains to be done. The Graduate School provides many opportunities and events to help graduate students write. Students who want to work in their own discipline are encouraged to discuss their desire for employment in the academic unit with their departmental faculty and staff.


Under Interinstitutional Registration and the Greater Greensboro Consortium, enrollment and payment of tuition and fees take place on the home campus. Click the highlighted event name below to register for a Writing Bash. Final date for May doc Obtain this form by contacting Mary Early. Departments may choose to encourage students to reapply and suggest a course of action.

uncg dissertation guide

UNCG students in degree programs who are taking 6 or more main campus credit hours are required to demonstrate proof of health insurance to avoid a health insurance premium being charged to their UNCG account. Disseetation PDF is a Portable Document File, created in a universal file format that allows data saved in one format to be converted into a format that can be read on any computer utilizing free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The DGS is responsible for making recommendations for admission to the Graduate School or for delegating this responsibility. They are not invited to attend Commencement and no graduation fee is assessed.

Embassy-sponsored students need no assistantships, awards, or waivers from the department. The Graduate School provides coffee, but lunch is on your own. View the Assistantship Work Schedule here. Satisfactory performance in the Graduate School also involves maintaining the standards of academic progress and professional integrity expected in a particular discipline or program.