Come out with logical answer for every question you face day to day life. What was your plan during UPSE preparation? You can answer questions on all the topics, thereby getting a good idea of your ground level performance. You dismissed this ad. Geometry in the Real World Project.

The journey to IAS success is a long and tough one and the only thing that will achieve your end goal is your commitment towards it. No one has ever been able to clear the civil services by locking themselves in a room with a bunch of books. Click here to read about the. As you may have noticed, and many of you remember,math word problems can be tricky. And to control that feeling you need to be emotionally strong. Make yourself emotionally and physically strong. Here I am going to give some tips and habits which will help you for preparing for any exam and for sure it will keep you motivated.

However, despite these challenges every year a bunch of aspirants crack the exam backed by their willpower to overcome all odds. STAAR is over, what now? Integrate Learning With Test-Taking!

The TBS problem has not been dealt in such a lucid and easily understandablelogical fashion before.

IAS aspirants much like the officer they will become after clearing the civil services examination, need to address a host of problems and challenges in the preparatory phase and overcome them using innovative techniques. Solviing you inculcate this habit for the long run, you will get into the mode of self-study to solve any question that arises in your mind about any topic.

Ensuring excellent physical health of pivotal for cracking IAS examinations, therefore, ensure that you take healthy, nutritious diet and minimum 8 hours of sleep kpse day.


upse problem solving

These resources can be utilized by the IAS aspirants to gather information and understanding that will provide to be very useful in both preliminary as well as main phases of civil services examination. Practice your seating ability from minimum 8—10hrs without getting upwe. What are some good habits to follow? Comments Hats off sir.

U.P.S.E. Problem Solving – HSS 4th Grade

Plus, it works problej your advantage by avoiding duplication of work, as you can prepare revision notes during your prelims phase that will aid you during mains preparation as well. Week of February 2 – February 6.

Cracking such an exam would need more than just commitment, preparation and luck; it would require the aspirants to embrace IAS preparation as a way of life that is reflected and supported by the daily activities they undertake.

You can do all this from the comfort of your Android phone. In such testing times, your problem-solving attitude will come in very handy to design solutions that are not only aimed at solving your problem. Place Value Menu Project. Therefore, if you are serious about clearing the mains examination it is advisable that you start developing your writing skills from prelims stage.

The Twin Balance Sheet Problem (TBS): How can Indian Economy Avoid a Crisis?

The journey to IAS success is a long and tough one and the only thing that will achieve your end goal is your commitment towards it. What is your strong reason zolving clear the UPSE? Kudos to your effort, sir!!! According to many prominent academics, study through writing has been known to be one of the best techniques to remember factual information as well as develop answer formats that aid in the final examination.


The price Amazon solviny isn’t always the lowest. Adopting this dual-role approach to your preparation methodology will help gain confidence along with helping you with subjective studies.

What habits can I develop now to clear the UPSE before I actually start preparing? – Quora

To ensure that you understand the topic you are studying, IAS aspirants should try and develop conceptual clarity about it. As far as social life xolving concerned, apart from your family, you should also develop a group of friends who have same goals, it will help you stay focused and motivated in long run. Geometry in the Real World Project.

Social Studies Probllem Cabinet. Take 1 hr for outdoor sports. We write simple, easy to understand articles, but always ensure high standards of quality. I think before the actual preparation this is enough.

upse problem solving

What was your plan during UPSE preparation? Apart from this, you should also try and build a two or three different upes schedules that help you achieve your daily, weekly and monthly study goals.

upse problem solving

Pruning the branches of a poisonous tree is not the solution. Fall in love with the hindu newspaper. As you may have noticed, and many of you remember,math word problems can be tricky.