Jessica has been accepted to study for the M. How do those imaginaries help position the “animal” in relation to the “human? The purpose is to enlighten and engage first year honors students in the excitement of discovery in the ocean realm, from the origins of oceans and their basins to modern environmental issues related to climate change and sustainability. While Australia, the country, is relatively young, the continent is ancient. Who are the major directors, actors, and producers? Whether you major in health or history — you utilize research. How has our future been imagined in literature and film?

If you have none, we will help you succeed through extra study, office hours, and personal coaching. Each student will also write a term paper. The “Romantic Spirit” is one of reaction and rebellion, political liberalism and environmentalism, imagination and emotion. Memory is a key construct in psychological science. The course is a practical overview of key issues, questions and concepts in applied ethics, examining a variety of contemporary issues and problems. Sustainability is many things.

thfsis Students will give oral presentations in which they will present chapters from the two textbooks, as well as topics of their own interest. Each class will involve a discussion in which routine health-related practices will be challenged as to whether they are based on myths versus strong evidence-based research Grading will be based on the quality of the student’s oral presentations of book chapters, data papers and their participation in class discussions.

What are some of the recurrent themes discussed in these films? Mejias if you have any questions. The Presidential Election raised many important issues related to what it means to be authentic and truthful. Honors College Commencement Ceremony.

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His program of study will focus on industry, politics, culture, and change in contemporary Wales. In short, we will attempt to rhetorically, as if by magic, craft “justice. Interested in a healthcare career?


usf honors thesis permit

For questions or more information on this serious play, please contact Honirs. Thus, a complete understanding of psychological phenomena is impossible without addressing questions concerning how memories are acquired, how memories are represented, and how memories are retrieved.

We will supplement readings and in-class discussion with firsthand experiences of the unique and varied landscapes we encounter in our own backyard. Students will learn how local, national, and international legal regimes address the use, management, pemrit protection of nonhuman animals.

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At our magical institution, we incorporate a Hogwarts-style curriculum to study and practice the subtle arts of rhetorical magic, ultimately cultivating a “rhetorico-magical” orientation to justice.

Charms, Potions, the Dark Arts, Aristotle, and modern Muggle thinkers lead us into the thickets of rhetoric, magic, and ethics, where notions of justice are entangled with word-crafting as well. Whether you major in engineering or economics — you benefit from science. This course utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to studying the Caribbean colonial system from non-colonial perspectives.

Beginning tbesis a study of Native American tribes and working our way toward the present day, we will examine how interactions with nature and with varied population groups have informed art, literature, music, and architecture in and about Florida. The purpose is to enlighten and engage first year honors students in the excitement of discovery in the ocean realm, from the origins of oceans and their basins to modern environmental issues related thdsis climate change and sustainability.

Since war is inextricably connected to politics, unpacking how presidential and political rhetoric are used to shape and frame domestic and international support and opposition are key for understanding the political and cultural impact of interventions in Americans’ everyday lives. What geologic processes created the variety of landscapes so unique that our predecessors mandated that those landscapes be preserved?


Learning to perform without a script not only ohnors your ability to think on your feet, it awakens your natural creativity. Forget cupids, hearts, and flowers.

usf honors thesis permit

The course is offered as an Honors College elective for all interested students. Using literary, artistic, and musical examples, we will study the development of a “Romantic style” as well as discuss subjects like the supernatural, the exotic, war, technology, and nature.

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These questions form the main basis of a unit that considers Australia through a variety of disciplinary lenses, including anthropology, history, cultural studies and sociology. We will look at the history of ethics and decision-making by examining notable cases from U. Each student will also write a term pemit. ONS has information on a wide variety of Scholarships and fellowships for graduate study. The second part of the course will consist of analysis and discussions of the various political views expressed within the Israeli democratic system concerning the Palestinian – Israeli conflict.

These sections are introductory-level courses and are appropriate for students at any level. It will be a broad interdisciplinary introduction to the study of this part of the African continent.

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Permits and Thesis Permits are open. Steffanie, an Honors College sophmore, has received a Hollings Scholarship.

How has our future been imagined in literature and film? Fulbright Summer Programs cover the majority of participant costs including round-trip airfare, tuition and fees, accommodations and meals. We often assume that innovative thinking is the result of one person’s irrepressible creative genius bursting forth to change the ways we think, act, or create.