Prior to scheduling the doctoral comprehensive examination, the University requires evidence that the student has a reading knowledge of one foreign language applicable to the student’s field of study or has attained proficiency in a research-tool area such as computer sciences or experimental statistics.. These links are for your information only. A thesis degree plan student must be enrolled in the appropriate thesis course in the term in which the thesis is defended. Institutions The grade-point average for admission to graduate school at The University of Texas at Arlington is calculated according to Texas law and the policies and procedures of Graduate Admissions. It is very important that applicants read this notice carefully because it describes any conditions or restrictions placed on admission that must be addressed.

The grade-point average will be calculated on the basis of information provided at the time application to UTA is made and will not be automatically recalculated upon completion of on-going work or award of a degree. Individual alternative residency plan: A student receiving advice and assistance from a faculty member in the preparation of a dissertation must register in the course even if the student is not on campus. The following sections detail the minimum standards required for admission to a graduate program at the University of Texas at Arlington. For applicants completing work in U.

Not all programs offer a Fast Track option. Current applicants wishing to change the semester in which they plan to start study at UT Arlington, programs in which they wish to be considered for admission, or degree levels e. In the event that the thesis summary serves as the maturity test, the examiners of the thesis must provide their statement within three weeks of the thesis being submitted for assessment. However, an undergraduate needing ceadline more than 12 hours deadlinee one term six semester hours in one summer session to fissertation all the requirements for a bachelor’s degree may register for graduate courses and apply them toward a master’s degree at UT Arlington under the following conditions:.

Institutions The grade-point average for admission to graduate school at The University of Texas at Arlington is calculated according to Texas law and the policies and procedures of Graduate Admissions.

The University of Texas at Arlington S.

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One qualified external person who is not a member of the graduate faculty may serve as a voting member of a supervising committee if nominated by the appropriate Committee on Graduate Studies and approved by the Graduate Studies Office.


Not all graduate programs participate in Facilitated Admission of Outstanding Dissetration. All completed course units and module grades to be included in the degree must be in the study register. Similarly, the amount of credit that can be shared in fast track programs is also limited.

Application materials become property of The University of Texas at Arlington and cannot be returned. An International or U. A student may not hold an assistantship while in provisional status. After an applicant’s credentials have been evaluated by the Graduate Advisor in the applicant’s major area the applicant will be notified by letter and email sent by the Graduate Admissions Office of: Acceptable transcripts, marksheets and diplomas from U.

uta dissertation deadline

The comprehensive examination usually marks the end of formal coursework and the beginning of concentrated work on dissertation research and preparation. Thesis copyrights, where applicable, are held by the student author.

A student who fails to receive credit earns a grade of D or F may repeat the course in order to obtain credit, in which case the grades for both attempts will count in computing the student’s overall grade-point average.

Application processing for admission to a graduate program requires receipt of official U. Satisfying these general requirements and standards, however, does not imply that all degree and program requirements have been met. For applicants completing work in U.

Office of Graduate Studies at UT Arlington

Students wishing to change graduate major, program or degree level master’s or doctoral classification from the one in which they are enrolled currently or in which they were enrolled during the most recent semester at UT Arlington, must initiate the change by completing the “Change of Program or Degree Level” form online. Students who do not complete the Fast Track program may apply for admission per regular means but must take all required tests and pay all required fees.

The results of the diagnostic evaluation must be filed in the Admissions, Records, and Registration Office no later than after completion of 18 semester hours of coursework while enrolled in a doctoral program at UT Arlington. Courses are generally concentrated in the student’s major field, but some are normally taken in one or more complementary minor fields. Interested students should consult with their intended program’s graduate advisor prior to their senior year for detailed information regarding requirements and application procedures.


Students who exceed the published time limits for completing the graduate degree but wish to graduate, must petition the Academic Dean for an exception to the time limit policy. Students who complete an undergraduate or postgraduate degree during the semester in question are invited to take part in the graduation ceremony. Up to 12 graduate level and above semester credit hours earned as a special non-degree seeking student may be applied to a graduate degree program, subject to graduate grading practices.

Such deadlines will be included in descriptions of admission requirements provided by each department. Credit by examination may not be used for graduate credit and no such credit, graduate or undergraduate may appear on graduate student transcripts.

uta dissertation deadline

Students must file a request, approved by the graduate advisor, the Committee on Graduate Studies, and the Academic Dean to apply such credits toward a graduate degree. All grades in courses taken as a special non-degree seeking student and graduate certificate status will be considered in computing a student’s graduate grade point average.

Master’s students who must enroll in a six-hour thesis course or doctoral students who must enroll in a six or nine-hour dissertation course or three-hour dissertation completion course because they have not received a passing grade in one of these courses must enroll in one of these courses and receive a grade of P in their final semester. The thesis submitted for mechanical check should be complete and as near to being in final format as possible. Deferred Admission If an applicant does not present adequate evidence of being able to supply required application materials or must complete additional preparatory work before their admissibility can be determinedthe admission decision may be deferred until records are complete.

Enrolled students who do not complete all requirements by the beginning of the next long semester must enroll to complete remaining degree requirements.