On one or two occasions, we have had patients whom we had to perform surgery upon because they manifested these symptoms only for us to later realize that these were cases of Lassa fever. After the s, only sporadic attention was paid to it from time to time. However, this disease has been very much with us. The incubation period for disease is usually between 7 and 10 days, with a maximum of 21 onset of illness is insidious, with: They therefore list it for urgent research and development to develop new diagnostic tests, vaccines, and medicines. In order to focus on school climate and norms, the evaluation design must include the students, instructions, and outcomes to improve communication and building-level concerns to be address in this response.

Acute rheumatic fever arf is defined by mosby as a systemic inflammatory disease which is enabled development with inadequate treatment of upper respiratory tract infections of group a beta-hemolytic streptococci. I noticed a drastic change in the way that many of my friends and family were living. This virus has a both a large and a small genome section, with four lineages identified to date: Lassa virus is a member of the Arenaviridae , a family of negative-sense, single-stranded RNA viruses. The disease is usually initially spread to people via contact with the urine or feces of an infected multimammate rat. Elements, it if you looking for an expository essay in essay.

Benin had its first confirmed cases inand Togo had its first confirmed cases in Many cases of Lassa fever have been mistaken for other common diseases in the country like malaria, typhoid fever and pneumonia.

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Gloves, masks, laboratory coats, and goggles are advised while in contact with an infected person, to avoid contact with blood and body fluids. Transmission from person to person has been established, presenting a disease risk for healthcare workers.


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It is sad that no human protective vaccine is presently available. He remarks that once a pregnant woman suffers from Lassa, she would die in eight or nine cases out essya ten. Descriptions of the disease date from the s.

Lassa fever is an acute viral disease found in a family of viruses called arenaviridae.

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The disease is usually initially spread to people via contact with the urine or feces of an infected multimammate rat. The other symptoms arising from the affected organs are:. Lassa virus is one of several viruses identified by who as a likely cause of a future epidemic.

write an expository essay on lassa fever

The novel, feverwritten by laurie halse anderson is about the devastation caused during yellow fever Marburg virus the first documented outbreak of hemorrhagic fever virus caused by a filovirus was associated with wild-caught african green monkeys chlorocebus aethiops, formerly cercopithecus aethiops that were imported from uganda to marburg and frankfurt, germany, and to belgrade, yugoslavia in For example, Mother Teresa was satisfied by her benevolent actions and.

Other laboratory findings in Lassa fever include lymphocytopenia low white blood cell countthrombocytopenia low plateletsand elevated aspartate transaminase levels in the blood.

write an expository essay on lassa fever

expowitory After a nurse who was tending to the sister came down with the same symptoms and died, the doctors in the hospital began to suspect it was a disease heretofore unseen by any of them. Arthropod-borne viral fevers and viral haemorrhagic fevers Biological weapons Hemorrhagic fevers Rodent-carried diseases Tropical diseases Virus-related cutaneous conditions Zoonoses.

After an incubation exposiotry of 6 to 21 days, an acute illness with multiorgan involvement develops. In this process, they could contaminate food stuff that may not have been covered. Retrieved 13 December A range of laboratory investigations are performed, where possible, to diagnose the disease and assess its course and complications.


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Garrett, Lassa fever is a virus belonging to the family Arenaviridae. The nigeria centre for disease control now makes weekly epidemiological reports including lassa fever cases. Highly abstract concepts and objectives writing what to do mentioning hisher ruling regarding a well-crafted argument.

Thanks to organize their topic of essay prompts synonyms of an example of an event. Introduction dengue fever is a tropical disease produced by a virus transmitted by a mosquito aedes aegipti. One of the main causes of the disease known as rat bite fever is from infection by the bacteria streptobacillus moniliformis. Media Centre Fact Sheet No Archived from the original on 14 March Nonspecific symptoms include feverfacial swelling, and muscle fatigue, as well as conjunctivitis and mucosal bleeding.

Because of treatment with ribavirinfatality rates are continuing to decline. H2G2 kft, SmartCode Kft. Prevention and Treatment In the first place, war is to be waged against rats in the home. Most cause illness in humans, but only a few of those strains cause the illness typhoid fever pike, Environmental Health Essay words – 25 pages ecology.