Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below. Posted September 3, How to Write an I Cover Letter. I’ve seen couple posts where people never received it but that probably is due to other issues we don’t know of. Include “RE” to show the purpose of the letter, which is basically a joint petition for the removal of conditions of status, followed by the concerned individuals and their identification details. To this end, this helps us provide valuable content to you and others. For assembling, we tried following these instructions to the tee:

Download right now and get started with your cover letter writing. Go To Topic Listing. Day Email notice with interview date set for OCT. Thanks for sharing Also the cat in your picture is super cute! Start the letter with a paragraph indicating the form that’s enclosed, its purpose and exactly who it affects.

Greencard 2yr Conditional in hand. Please find appended Form I and materials to support removal of conditions on residence for my wife, Happy Chic.

I just want to know, how long do you have to wait to receive the tax transcripts? Hopefully lether helps many many people! Mailed N Naturalization Application. Lette of immigrant K-1 visa spouseAlien registration number Name of immigrant K-2 visa childAlien registration number.

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This is a free cover letter template.

1-751 cover letter

The download should begin lette. For ease of review, pertinent information is highlighted in yellow. Download right now and get started with your cover letter writing.

This is where VisaJourney was tremendously, immensely helpful. Lettter I cover letter is highly critical seek to ensure its kept as simple and short as you can. You can change the texts, images, form fields, font size and color in the templates with this tool. Posted August 9, Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Day 32 Biometrics appt. Copies of details of our first and second wedding anniverary celebrations; invitations to guests, cards received from petter and friends, event bills Exhibit Q: For instance, A as an example.

USCIS I 751 Removal of Conditions Cover Letter Example

You can even add information on how the relatives you seek to have conditions removed entered the country. You have brains in your head. Include dependent children with conditional resident status on the same day as you or within 90 days thereafter, on your Form I Copies of photos of us together at various events with family and friends throughout the years Exhibit P: The idea is ensuring all the needed information, way from your name to the required alien number of registration have been added.


You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

Cover Letter for I – AOS & Immigration Challenges – U.S. Immigration for Chinese Loved Ones

N Interview recommended for approval pending I We ckver respectfully request that this I petition be accepted to remove the conditions of residence for full name of wife and full name of child. Beginning Octoberthe same account changed to new account number xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

1-751 cover letter

Thank you for your prompt processing of this petition and for what we hope is your favorable response at your earliest opportunity. Copies of all documents enclosed are precise copies of unaltered documents. I Interview – approved.

You can also create a new cover letter with it. In the ending, do note the authenticity of documents and how they’re not altered and your agreement lwtter have the original documents submitted to consular or immigration officer if required in future. Some people receive the transcripts in 5 days, for others it takes 2 weeks. With regards to where to send your petition, it depends on which state or territory that you live.