They are stupid idiotic fools, sies bayasinyanyisa! We are afraid to be found out and maybe also to find out that our blackness has not been erased totally. Your email address will not be published. This means our first responsibility is towards race and then to business. Truth is the many squatter camps which host millions of South Africans are nothing but permanent refugee camps. We are killing each other for the crumbs Rhodes spat out of his rotten mouth.

Furthermore, they built Afrikaner businesses and cultural empires! The middle class is out of touch with the thoughts of the riff raff. We must talk, he says matter of factly. But things have changed, we now want to work. Fanon advised; … It is apparent to me that the effective disalienation of the black man entails an immediate recognition of the social and economic realities. Our people live below these standards as they mark time in squalor.

Mngxitama: ‘We are not all like that: the monster bares its fangs’ (Essay on the pogroms)

They want them punished as an example to all of us, as to what will happen to any black person who speaks up. We are trapped in the animal level of existence, we want food and we are going to slaughter each other for it.

They would be condemned, we shall not. They also told him that South African blacks are lazy.

The revolutionary responsibilities of black business – Black Opinion

We have to face the question and it must be brought home to them [blacks] that in the future nine-tenths of them will have to spend their lives in daily labour. People like Jackson Mthembu and Derek Hanekom have serious amnesia about the fact that in SA there is no bigger sin than land theft that black people have suffered!


In this quest for business excellence, we have to have our prioritise right. Long ago Steve Biko, echoing Fanon, explained the love of violence for the excluded. A report on the actual numbers would be interesting. Fanon advised; … It is apparent to me that the effective disalienation of the black man entails an immediate recognition of the social and economic realities. The soldiers come in, mnfxitama special court has been prepared, but andilr moratorium on deporting the undesirables is proving tricky.

We are watching news on TV again. The reason is that Khutsong is a renegade community, a people who have been fighting against the arrogance of our democratic government for more than three years.

andile mngxitama thesis

I must state that one of my friends has been working non stop even on weekends to try do something to ease the hardships of the refugees now cramped in anile stations and other camps. Those who have tried to explain the violence have only shown parts of the whole.

You would have thought Madondo would have been held up as our hero. Ghesis us for a moment suspend the fact that these are the defenders of real corruption in SA, who are only now beginning to understand how white monopoly capital has not stopped looting. If we did care we would long ago had seen the everyday structural violence the majority of poor blacks are trapped in.

There is more than twenty seconds silence between the lines. We are not like them! A white militant in the social movements tells a mngxiatma with the sort of liberal self effacing trained uncertainty. They are evil barbarians, we are not. In fact we hate the poor, we hate them because they remind us so powerfully where we could end up and where we come from.


People like sister Lindiwe Mazibuko, are our people. And so we end up fronting for white business because we are not free. In this way we absolve the real architects and creators of this barbarism. It has killed more blacks in the last five hundred years than all other diseases combined: They are stupid idiotic fools, sies bayasinyanyisa! So we march with our white friends, hand in hand, as guarantors of our common humanity.

I beg him not to.

Fanon advised; … It is apparent to me that the effective disalienation of the black man mngxitamx an immediate recognition of the social and economic realities. If they are killing foreigners, soon they are going to say whites are foreigners too. He was a little black dot.

andile mngxitama thesis

He not only praises the government when the president occasionally comes to visit his township for an imbizo, he has a party card and votes every election for the same government he roundly condemns every night when he goes to sleep on an empty stomach. To eat one must work.