I used to be called as an efficient person by my group members and friends. In most of the assignments or projects that been assigned to me and my team members, I will definitely make sure that we can deliver or achieve the results efficiently. Recently, I had move to an Islamic bank to change the environment of work and to embark in more challenging experience. Alamak dah la tak prepare sangat, pen pun nasib lah ada bawak sebatang. Since kecil I memang teringin nak belajar tinggi tinggi. For your information, MBA ni duration course dia:. And I also why we want to embark on MBA.

I would love to have my own business company in the future. Through all these programmes, I gained so many experiences in handling and managing things. Here is my writing dated 10th January Tapi I always postponed and takde rasa nak baca. I am very energetic and focus with whatever task that I responsible to it. My Name is Khalijah Binti Bakar. Furthermore, we could even create a new cross road for us to success.

Interview MBA – Sharing Session

Popular Posts February 15, For example, in most of the assignments or projects that been assigned to me and my team members by my lecturer, I will definitely make sure that we can deliver or achieve the results efficiently. I believe this needs a high motivator factor in our own self. Besides having flying colours in my activity, study were not being left out behind. After test baru lah pergi bilik interview. On the interview day, I wear baju kurung macam biasa lah, formal and sandal.


Why you choose to further MBA instead of taking master in biology. In fact I am not that good in writing an autobiographicl but I still tried becuase it is compulsory to do it. In fact I make them as my interest.

Interview MBA

Sebab ada one student ni tapi kat bilik interview lain kena tegur taw. I have to always alert and particular with the work as a small mistake will affect the experiment or task undertaken.

My first time purchasing this tudung!

autobiographical essay for mba uitm

Three years in degree in science, I learned to cope with the pressure being work in laboratory environment. Write an autobiographical essay basically an essay about ourselves that not more than words.

Please jangna ikut perangai I.

autobiographical essay for mba uitm

You can google to find out more about this business school. I believed that MBA programme will give me better networking opportunities autobiograpbical AAGBS will provide a great base to meet people from various background and experiences. Anonymous July 26, at 4: I know the road ahead will not be easy for me, but I cannot stop here. There is no dead road uutm people that have high self-motivator.

Masa tahun akhir degree I memang plan untuk sambung autobiograpnical. Therefore, I planned to have a business such as to operate a food business, supermarket, to supply health and beauty products, etc. I like to see both, but if I had to choose between high intelligence and effective execution, I would take effective execution all the time.


Korang boleh google untuk contoh contoh autobiographical essay yang lain: Ingatkan terus pergi bilik interview.

autobiographical essay for mba uitm

Welcome to my blog! Tapi ada dua pilihan. After SPM, I studied at insert place for one year in the science stream. If and only if I ni genius memang I ambik both kot. Nobody knows you better than yourseft, so tell the readers all that you would want them to know about you.

MySelf-Autobiographical Essay for UiTM EMBA Intake

Have a nice day! I was graduated in Bachelor of insert course Hons from Universiti insert name of university. So for the conclusion, jangan risau sangat sebab ada Aunty ni cakap selalunya dia takkan tanya soalan susah susah untuk orang yang atobiographical sambung belajar. Anonymous March 29, at 9: So lepas habis belajar, I memang sangat dalam dilemma nak sambung master dalam bidang apa.