Instacart uses AWS CodeDeploy to automate deployment operations for all of its front-end and back-end services. By using AWS, CrowdChat created an infrastructure that can store more than million documents and easily handle demand so users can quickly find topics of interest. Neowiz, a South Korean game company, needed a flexible, highly available infrastructure to continue to grow globally. It also leverages AWS for hybrid scenarios for particular workloads. To support large-scale genomic studies, the company turned to AWS for its high-performance compute and storage to run the DNAnexus genome informatics and data management platform. The company built the Pond platform using AWS including its website, content management, user database, and data warehousing solutions.

News International uses AWS to power its digital services and platforms across the web, mobile devices and tablets. LOT chose AWS to test, deploy, and maintain a mobile web application that allows customers to book and manage flights from their mobile devices. Lonely Planet, publisher of guides, mobile applications and websites for world travelers, developed a shared publishing platform to streamline the process of content. By working with Attunity, an AWS technology partner, Etix can perform complex queries across 13 years of transactional data for comprehensive analysis and new product development. AdiMap uses AWS to build predictive financial models without needing to spend millions on compute resources and hardware, providing scalable financial intelligence and reducing time to market for new products. Canary designs and manufactures a complete home security system in a single device that contains an HD video camera and environmental sensors. As a result, the bank plans to reduce its data center footprint from eight to three by

The Australia-based organization provides software that helps developers, project managers, and content managers collaborate better.

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The company uses the global infrastructure that AWS offers to expand its vehicle monitoring and tolling platform to new markets worldwide with ease. The City of Asheville, located in North Carolina, attracts both tourists and businesses alike with a population of 80, The company used Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, and Amazon EC2 to reduce costs, increase flexibility, improve security, reduce time to deploy infrastructure, and simplify backup and data recovery procedures.


The company launched on AWS so it could offer its customers business consulting, architecting, cloud environments, and lifecycle management services for its clients. AGC uses AWS to reduce operational costs by 40 percent, set up new servers in days instead of two months, and give IT more time to focus on new corporate initiatives.

Philips is a Dutch diversified technology company with sales and services available in more than countries. As a result, the bank was able to refresh its key technology systems on schedule and on budget. By using AWS, insight delivery times have been reduced from weeks to minutes, and the company has access to full data sets and the ability to analyze on demand.

aws case study bankinter

The Holiday Extras website holidayextras. MovieStarPlanet develops and runs interactive social network games for young people 8—15 years old. The organization moved away from an on-premises IT infrastructure and now uses AWS to run 20 different website properties. GumGum provides a new kind of advertising platform dedicated to creating brand engagement alongside premium editorial content. This has enabled polljoy to achieve Connect With Amazon Web Services. LafargeHolcim is the world leader in building materials that neeed high peformance for its active corporate website and 22 country websites.

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Lonely Planet, publisher of guides, mobile applications and websites for world travelers, developed a shared publishing platform to streamline the process of content. Atlassian uses AWS to scale its issue-tracking software applications faster than before, provide caxe services to tens of thousands of global customers, and enhance its disaster recovery and availability.

aws case study bankinter

With the new insights gained, the company is able to adapt its app to regional preferences and improve retention rates. As a result, the bankintwr can now scale to support more than 65, page views per month on its website and more than 12, new users per month on its platform. The company runs its website infrastructure on AWS including its web servers, content delivery, and email services.

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To deliver a patient-first experience, the healthcare system decided to combine its disparate websites into a single, atudy portal using AWS. The company uses Amazon Redshift to run its analytics platform enabling its customers to run tens of thousands of jobs per month regardless of their complexity. It is currently listed among the top ten banks in Spain.


Fast-growing startup Ividata launched an innovative bannkinter product, Ivizone, which allows retailers to measure customer metrics and maximize marketing efforts. BrightRoll is an independent video ad technology platform for digital video advertising across the web, mobile devices, and connected TV. The company uses AWS to run all of its operations, including compute, identity and access management, and storage.

It uses AWS to help deliver the security-as-a-service module of its GravityZone platform to enterprise clients. The organization runs its global bitcoin exchanges, wallets, and an analytical insight pipeline on AWS.

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Looking for affordable storage to support its growing user base, Bajkinter turned to AWS and is able to scale and store customer data cost effectively. Hosting its platform backend on AWS gives Cmunel a fexible and scalable infrastructure critical to the game producer’s success. Flypay turned to AWS when it wanted to build a mobile app that would enable restaurant customers to pay their bills seamlessly.

Using AWS, the firm gained a scalable environment in which to test and run its solution, and it now processes more than half a billion user behaviors a month for its e-commerce clients. The company operates five television news channels with Hindi as the primary language, supported by websites and mobile applications.

Worldwide entertainment facility provider AEG needed an intranet site for users both inside and outside the corporate network.

As a result, Kaplan has reduced its datacenter footprint and improved user experience by leveraging multiple AWS regions to deliver content faster to its customers around the world.