The form is only active during the registration period. Harassment, bullying and discrimination. Formal requirements and deadlines. Note that your supervisor and the external examiner censor both have implicit confidentiality through their jobs. But a bachelor’s project requires a lot of work and will often involve many hours spent together in the group and sometimes compromises. BachelorBuddy is a platform, where you can contact other students who are searching for study partners for their bachelor project on the 6th semester. In agreement with your supervisor you can choose to hand in a Bachelor’s project within the same topic but with a modified problem statement.

Once you have uploaded your bachelor’s project, it is not possible to withdraw it. Please only contact ONE supervisor at a time and await this supervisor’s reply before you contact any others. Registration for the reexamination in September or December must take place no later than 1 July. When you collaborate with a company you must register by using the company registration form and a confidentiality agreement. As an appendix to the thesis, you must attach a brief account explaining how the modified problem statement differs from the original problem statement used for the first examination attempt. Formal requirements and deadlines.

Handing in the project in WISEflow. As a minimum, the thesis must contain the following information on the front page:. You will then get a supervisor appointed to you by the department after the deadline. You will receive an e-mail from WISEflow when it is possible to upload your project.

Therefore, you must make absolutely sure that you upload the correct version. Harassment, bullying and discrimination. Deadline for upload is 15 August bacjelor If you miss the introduction meeting we recommend that you read the slides from Christina Uldum which will be available here.


The flow is a group flow. Furthermore, it is the largest business and social sciences unit in Denmark at university level with a broad academic scope.

Bachelor’s project and Master’s thesis

Bachhelor are advantages of writing a bachelor’s projec in a group, because you will have someone to be your partner to discuss and reflect on theories and ideas with. When you have handed in the project in WISEflow it will automatically be send to supervisor and external examiner.

You will have to prepare a modified problem statement which must be approved by your supervisor. Bachelor’s thesis for Economics and Management students Find the relevant description in the course catalogue here: However, some companies might still ask for a confidentiality agreement between AU and the company. The registered title will typically be a draft for your problem statement rather than your final problem statement. You register via the registration form in the semester before the project writing commences always spring semester.

Harassment, bullying and discrimination. You should note that it is not possible to change groups during the process. The deadline for submission of the Tjesis project at reexamination is 1 September or 1 December.

bachelor thesis au bss

All supervisors are specialised in each their different field. This means that you should begin uploading well in advance and no later than 10 minutes before deadline, since the flow tuesis exactly at If you are part of a group, there are no requirements concerning the division of content in the first 5 minutes.

bachelor thesis au bss

bachelo A bachelor’s project is a comprehensive written paper, and you must decide whether you wish to write it on your own or in a group groups of up to tyesis persons are allowed.


If you have not previously tried to upload an assignment in a WISEflow group flow, please read and follow the instructions carefully. The requirement must be formulated so that the individual student is responsible for the independent preparation of half of the assignment by groups of 2 students or one third of the assignment by groups of 3 studentsapart from the joint introduction and joint conclusion.

For group projects, it is a requirement that the individual student’s contribution can be clearly separated for individual assessment purposes.

bachelor thesis au bss

On these pages, you will find relevant information, links and dates regarding the bachelor’s project in the sixth semester for BSc B students at Campus Herning. If you gain access to or collect personal data to be used in your assignment, you are responsible for taking care of that data.

It bacheolr not recommended to use a projector for the presentation as this always ends up taking time away from the presentation. Deadline for registering supervisor, thesis title bachelof problem statement.

Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis

The most important thing to remember when choosing whether to write on your own or in a group is that you should do what is right for you. The dispensation must include an approval of the supervisor and the exam venue.

Marie Louise Bro Pold. Confidential projects You are not required to attach your confidentiality agreement when you upload and submit your bachelor’s project.