These are used by third-party advertisers to gather data about online behaviour. I really liked Groningen and wanted to stay here, so I looked for a programme at this university that suited me better. It is really interesting because it covers so many subjects Read more. You have earned at least 60 credits. See more information here: I organized parties and excursions together with nine other first-year students and a member of the board.

Carrying out geographical research within a given timeframe is essential. Finally, the MSc programme is rooted in the globally renowned Dutch planning practice. Please contact your study advisor as soon as possible if you have any questions about the BSA system. The Bachelor’s programme in Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning teaches you about people and how they view the world. Groningen is a great city! Saskia Enuma Study advisor Email: First year bachelor student Arnout de Haan about the first Learning Community activity.

Research Assistance for Students

Als dit materiaal niet in volledigheid ingeleverd wordt, is de bachelor thesis niet ontvankelijk. Costs Before you apply you will need to make an estimation of the expenses.

Technische planologie revolves around physical and institutional design. You can follow courses provided by our faculty but you can also take a Minor or do an internship in a related field.

Apply now Dutch students International students. Huib Ernste by E-mail h. The Faculty of Spatial Sciences takes a small-scale approach and we help our students to learn how to work independently. Many factors play a role in finding a solution to this kind of problem: Bachslor addition, the supervisor provides the original, completed and signed assessment forms to the secretariat for processing the result in Osiris by the student administration.


Be specific, but keep it to the point. I really like the combination of theoretical and practical courses.

In the last years of secondary school, I made a list of my favourite subjects and I did some research to see which Bachelor’s degree programmes most closely matched these subjects. You can also contact our Student Ambassadors for more information: I applied for five bachellor programmes at various universities, but in the end I chose Spatial Planning and Design because it is unique in the Netherlands.

In Dutch the programme is called Sociale Geografie plznologie Planologie.

bachelor thesis planologie

The Board of Examiners has to give its formal approval to your study-abroad course selection. You can submit your application to study abroad at a partner university for the rhesis year from mid-October There are also possibilities to visit an international university and follow related courses. The period and the purpose for your stay at a foreign university can vary.

bachelor thesis planologie

Make a plan how to obtain this level if you do not yet have that proficiency. Dutch students Let op: The advice is not binding. Het verschil is voldoende klein als het verschil in de totale beoordeling niet groter is dan 1 punt en als beide beoordelaars unaniem van mening zijn dat de bachelor thesis voldoende of unaniem van mening zijn dat de bachelorthesis onvoldoende is.

For students with an international diploma or an HBO diploma: Excellent students can take part in a more in-depth programme at the Honours College, which has a wider range of topics. You will see these themes in your education. After the film and presentation we went on site to take a look at the infrastructure project.


Students also gain knowledge of relevant research methods to undertake planning research and will apply acquired theories, knowledge and research skills in a master thesis. The Urban and Regional Planning programme offers you a thorough understanding of advanced theories and methodologies of urban and regional planning, with a focus on urban and metropolitan areas.

Afronden van je Thesis – Geografie, Planologie en Milieu

If you have been selected for an exchange programme with a Geosciences partner university you will receive an invitation to a pre-departure meeting in spring. International students are planologei by the Admissions Board of the Programme. Sla navigatie bacjelor Navigatie. Uw internetgedrag kan worden gevolgd door middel van deze tracking cookies. During the programme we offer support for your career preparation. Programme options University of Groningen Honours College specialization The Honours College gives talented, motivated students the opportunity to challenge themselves even more.

bachelor thesis planologie

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