So the use of bKash should be increased and consciousness about it must be increased as well. Analysis concluded that usefulness, ease of use, subjective norm, awareness and risks related to it are the main perusing factors to accept bKash system. For secondary data collection we will mainly use websites, journals, daily papers and articles on bKash. It is cost effective, reliable, speedy and simple way of conducting business and reduces the instances of human error that is characteristic during human interaction in traditional banking. Nushrat Shahab Bristi

A reduction in service costs can then be expected to increase satisfaction with bKash. From which source you are mostly communicated about the offers? Credibility is an significant and important factor in adoption of IT services that denotes the trustworthiness of IT system and its ability in performing transactions Erdem and Swait, Various types of innovations have significant effects on the life style of human being. Coefficients Coefficients B Std. Finally, we turned our sketch into the Hi-fi prototypes. Similar study can be conducted in other colleges and universities and results can be compared.

We have surveyed on 40 customers of bKash from which I am satisfied with bKash offers. As we are the students of this new technological era and we have observed many new innovations, we selected to work with this new concept called mobile banking.

Your identity will be kept confidential. So the use of bKash should be increased and consciousness about it must be increased as well. The design of the questionnaire is in Likert scale, Rank order scale and Semantic differential scale. That means here we will test our hypothesis with the help of regression analysis following the below equation: Factor analysis explains co-relation among a set of variables.


It bkqsh focused to serve the low income stidy of bkasb country by providing convenient, affordable and reliable financial services that have no access to formal financial services.

A Case Study on bKash Limited by Fahim Hossain on Prezi

Respondents will be randomly selected for this offer. Mobile banking helps to promote the activities of Banks, financial institutions cae, stocks through using mobile sms or mobile website includes accessing to customized information, administer the account and credit transfer. All people know that its cost is not higher than traditional banking.

Producers manufacture products or deliver services. A review of the literature indicates several areas of conceptual research. Customer can easily examine the real capability of any kind of product or service. Thank you for reading! The design of the questionnaire is in Likert scale, Rank order scale, Semantic differential scale.

UIUX case study: Mobile banking app “bKash” redesign concept. (Step by step process)

Customer attitude towards bKash: Less than 6, ii. Based on your overall experience, please rate from 0 to 10 to indicate the satisfaction level of existing bKash offers.


Brac Bank introduces TVC to capture the customer. In the past most of the customers in our country were influenced by advertisement but in recent period, customers are more aware.

This study caze analyze the consumer perception on bKash. The study is concentrated on a particular location and result may vary with location and the demography of the people.

UIUX case study: Mobile banking app redesign concept

Methodology is set of practices. We really appreciate if you leave your opinion about this project. Data collected through personal interview method. For prototyping, we used Adobe XD.

bkash case study

I believe, they should add more security on account login, sending payments and transferring money. These devices can also be used for more useful and sophisticated processing tasks.

bkash case study

Conceptual Framework of Research Variables and their Relationships 2. In another study, Koenig-Lewis et al. Group Members ID The major constraints in the development of bKash include operational issues e. During the interviews we sought biash information from the students, day laborers, garments workers about mobile banking and asked them to discuss the reasons for using bKash.