Avoid the trap of simply re-writing a chapter from a criminal text on corporate manslaughter. There has been plenty of case law about Warsaw Convention and Montreal Convention from various courts around the world, particularly from the American courts. Guideline Notes Introduction There is no one single correct way of structuring an essay but there are plenty of ways of poorly structuring one. Lectures aim to give you an overview of the topic area, building upon your directed pre-reading to: You may only submit one document to Turnitin, therefore your essay, research trail and bibliography need to be saved as one document. We assume you have no prior knowledge of law when you start your GDL, so you get a full induction programme and a high level of support from day one. International Financial and Monetary Law Introduction to the topic Monetary law is a rather esoteric branch of law, never really holding a central place in legal systems.

Essays, dissertations and legal research guidance. However, judicial intervention can sometimes be required where there is dispute which cannot otherwise be resolved. It should provide the broad context for the essay by, for example, setting out why employers might be afraid to quickly dismiss underperforming employees. Minority Shareholders Introduction to the topic Historically, the common law and statutory rules that were enacted to protect minority shareholders were considered to be inadequate. The identification of this relationship will not only help you to understand the overarching framework that the instruments have created but it may also make it easier to understand some of the cases.

Employment Law Introduction to the topic Employers can fairly dismiss employees for several reasons including poor performance.

bpp gdl independent research essay

Secondly, you are also asked to consider whether criminal liability is the most appropriate means of dealing with deaths caused by corporate bodies.

BPP will also provide all the key textbooks required. They were intended to balance the competing interests of both carriers and shippers.


Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)

Why were they drafted in the way that rewearch were? Google Calendar is the best ubiquitous free tool to keep track of events. Many employers have welcomed this change as it will give them more time to decide whether an underperforming employee can improve and be successful within the business without fearing an unfair dismissal claim.

However, judicial intervention can sometimes be required where there is dispute which cannot otherwise be resolved.

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An examination on the application of the doctrine of lifting the corporate veil and its Consequences in Uganda. Majority shareholders could all too often prefer their own interests, controlling how the company was run through their greater voting power. In addition to your programme fees, there may be additional charges associated with your studies, which include:.

This is by no means an on the spot process. BPP offers a variety of part-time modes:. It will also explore practical concepts which run through European law and affect the way every one of us lives our lives. Particularly important will be theoretical justifications for the rights to freedom of expression along with theoretical approaches to the concept of balancing competing rights.

There is arguably no area of more fundamental importance to us all than constitutional and administrative law. Any developments in case law should be highlighted and discussed in light of the quote.

Look carefully at the precise wording of the question in order to identify which are relevant and which are not. You will learn how to analyse problems and offer advice on complex legal principles, taking into account commercial factors as well as the relevant legal principles. The conclusion should be relatively short and concise.

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Land Law is your chance to find out who really owns what. Exceptional and temporary excesses would be granted for exceptional cases.


bpp gdl independent research essay

The aim of this is, it seems, to ensure courts are equipped to balance freedom of expression against other weighty, but incommensurable, interests. This disparity in rules for persons that frequently had assets in multiple jurisdictions led to an attempt to recognise as many jurisdictions as valid whenever gesearch.

Once I finish the rest, I get into work with refreshed focus. Yet inevitably, and perhaps especially in our modern, information society, freedom of expression often comes into conflict with other interests such gvl personal privacy, reputation, security, prevention of crime and so forth. January, April, September Application Deadline: The essay question invites discussion on how quickly an employer can dismiss an employee so a discussion on the disciplinary process to be followed is expected including a discussion of the relevant case law in this area.

Nidependent of Torts 20 Credits.

It should also give some indication of your own view on whether the current law on unfair dismissal does enough to permit employers to quickly and fairly dismiss underperforming staff members. The choice is yours as to how many jurisdictions should be considered but you must consider other common law, civil law and indepenxent legal system jurisdictions to give a sufficiently full answer.

For full-time study, both options take nine months. The content and structure are entirely a matter for the author. The syllabus typically includes: The marker should be able to tell if you agree or disagree, why, and what alternatives you suggest if you do not agree.

bpp gdl independent research essay