We will release your resit results on Monday 09 September If you are a final year student you should note that it is not possible to attend the Graduation Ceremony if the Exam Board has required you to undertake compulsory reassessment. If you are unsure if the module you have failed is optional in relation to the Qualifying Law Degree, please contact the School of Law to clarify this. Economic recession and Customer Loyalty to Banks Dissertation: Further information on the academic regulations, including those in respect of extenuating circumstances, can be found in the student handbook. If you have valid extenuating circumstances, further regulations apply.

Please ensure that you check your Essex email account regularly. Students in their final year of study are entitled to undertake resits if they meet either of the following criteria:. We value your privacy. If you have been given compulsory reassessment you must undertake it. The Board of Examiners would also have to decide whether you could be offered reassessment in your failed final year module s.

Please note that if you chose the option above to not graduate and take a re-sit and you fail the re-sit, that even though you may be entitled to a third attempt you are still bound by another requirement of a QLD which is that you must graduate within the permissible maximum period of time. I have passed but I think I could do much better. For example, if you are struggling to understand the course material one week, you will be unlikely to follow along as the course progresses.

You will voursework be able to take this reassessment at a later date. The International Service Team will email you when a report is made to the Home Office to advise you further.

Frequently asked questions about undergraduate results

It is important that you read our immigration information and seek further advice if necessary. If you have been offered any voluntary reassessment and choose not to take it, you will proceed with your current marks for the module s.


Students who are repeating the year or a module as a full-time student attending on a part-time cann during next year may be able to register online. For further information, students are advised to read the Code of Practice: What mark will I receive for the referred assessment I am taking? A three-letter code beginning with R next to one or more elements is a referral code which means you must complete further assessment in that element for the corresponding module.

Undergraduate rules of assessment Appeals procedure Board of Examiner’s outcomes.

can you redo coursework at uni

uou Courses Undergraduate Postgraduate Part-time undergraduate Executive education. This would involve you returning to the same stage in September and taking only the modules not achieved next year in their entirety.

No, modules that have been achieved cannot be retaken. The deadline for submitting your coursework is Thursday 23 August unless your department has set a different date for a final year project see below.

What to do if you fail your assignment, exam or dissertation

However, if you fail more than 15 credits next year you would not be eligible for an honours degree, because students cannot fail more than 30 non-core credits across the whole degree.

You should take into consideration cna financial implications of this decision as you will doursework charged a tuition fee for each module you repeat. The degree classification rules are based on students having a specified degree mark and credits in a given class. This is a member of faculty assigned to you at the beginning of your degree programme, who you meet with regularly to discuss your progress.

For further information, students are advised to read the Caj of Practice appendixes: It is important to understand that there are many reasons why this can happen to students, and there are usually several options to change the failing mark. I have valid extenuating circumstances for missing an assessment, but have not been asked to undertake reassessment. The Board of Examiners may recommend that you re-sit an exam or resubmit coursework.


can you redo coursework at uni

I have failed some modules but have not been allowed to undertake reassessment and have been advised that I must withdraw from the programme. Failed Module If you fail an entire module you are usually required to re-sit the assessments, either by re-submitting the coursework or, in some cases, by resitting an exam.

These situations can seem terribly disheartening for students, but it is important to remember that universities do offer second chances for genuinely honest and hard-working students! If you are required to resit your exam sthe Exams Office will contact you over the summer regarding your timetable.

Talk to us at the Student Centre: If you have a query about your marks, please contact your Department in the first coursweork. Wait for discounts and special offers! Policies and procedures Postgraduate rules of assessment Milestones.

Resubmitting and Resitting | Goldsmiths, University of London

If the results web page shows that the Board of Examiners has offered you a choice of either leaving with a Diploma of Higher Education or undertaking reassessment then you will only be able to attend the ceremony in July if you have already booked tickets and confirm before Thursday 5 July that you wish to leave with the Diploma and NOT undertake reassessment.

Example If you re-sat a module in August and failed the Board of Examiners may recommend that you to repeat the entire module, which is timetabled for Spring term.

can you redo coursework at uni

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