Unscheduled cancellations and closures. The future of this project requires additional funding through either grants or scholarships in order to be put into action, and the Office of Sustainability should consider giving this project to future interns for that advancement. My name is Savannah and my purpose in life is to support and inspire others in a way that allows them to live the life of which they dream. It also means taking personal responsibility for completing the work in this class, and for making a contribution to the learning that takes place in class. Add details on what your application would do and why, and add illustrations including mockups of pages within your application or web site, sample content, and other illustrations e. Lastly, please rehearse your spoken presentation, using the skills you learned in PSY w.

It will be up to you to ensure that work is fairly distributed and that your group communicates well throughout the project. My goal with this internship is to become more adept in sustainable agriculture practices as well as learning to create my own sustainable garden in the future. Email Email to my official NAU account — michelle. Personality and Individual Differences, July , — The product you create will be a design for an application to run on a mobile device iPhone, Android, or tablet or Web browser.

She helped jumpstart the life of the Flagstaff EcoRanch. Class is a great time to talk about projects and ask questions — but for grade discussions please come to my office or call me on the phone.

Interns and Capstone Students

I have always been inspired by sustainable agriculture and food systems, and capsttone they can impact both human and environmental health.

I also have a background in neuroscience.

My work these days covers a lot of practical and applied topics having to do with technology, learning, and how we can use psychology to improve how our minds work in the modern world. Register for the Undergraduate Symposium — 5 points You must turn in a brief application to present at the Undergraduate Symposium using their online form, which will be live after February 1.


Her internship has been focused on our Airbnb. She incorporated her graphic design and computer skills and was able to learn about permaculture and sustainable architectural design.

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You will be able to debate controversial issues with civility and an emphasis on empirical evidence. Readings are all available online or through the course Bb Learn shell, and poster printing is covered by the Department of Psychological Sciences.

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Savannah Rossi — Summer Hi! I would like for you to complete each weekly entry by Sunday night, but if you ccapstone to delay or double up on any entries you may do so up to twice without penalty.

The deadline is Sunday, March 17,at I believe crops grown locally, organically, and sustainably play a key role in elevating human consciousness. I look forward to learning sustainable farming practices and giving back to the community and the environment. Technology, Mind, and Brain. Second, you will put together and present a poster at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

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Other tasks included researching and ordering supplies, seeds, daily ranch maintenance, chicken care, cooking, cleaning, financials, building raised beds, hauling wood and soil, and just being a great friend. Take-home Final Exam Questions 5 30 points each 4. David will be a plant manager, help develop our CSA, and will be experimenting with ca;stone growing techniques over the summer.

capstone project nau

He plans to take knowledge gained at the EcoRanch and implement it into his personal and professional life. You are welcome to work in pairs or small groups if you wish. Developmental Review, 35, 79— You can turn in your answer to it as soon as you like, up capstlne the deadline. These intermittent assignments are all listed on Bb Learn.


Frontiers in Psychology, 8. I am very excited to be working with the Flagstaff EcoRanch this summer to gain hau knowledge on what running a non-profit looks like and I am looking forward to cultivating local farming culture into my own life. Cognitive control in media multitaskers. With his time and experience at the Flagstaff EcoRanch, Micah plans to move back home after graduation in May so that he can help educate people in sustainable living practices. I love to be outside any chance I get, enjoy the climates throughout pronect world and focus on what I am putting into my body.

Captsone are the questions that I’ve worked with in my year career as a researcher and teacher focusing on cognitive psychology.

In your revisions, pay particular attention to addressing the feedback you got from me on your Detailed Idea. What he hopes to gain from the internship is to build a foundation to promote sustainable living through agriculture.

Computers in Human Behavior, 24 5— You will casptone able to apply psychology concepts to real- world challenges. Input Assignments 3 20 points each 60 6. Anu can turn in one, group-authored copy of all project components except the detailed idea and the design final draft — in that case, each person needs to do their own individual assignment.