When the bank does not enjoy the market competitiveness naturally the credit expansion would be slumped and when it happens, the profitability gets a setback. Thus, the need of the study of the NPA is must necessary due to these reasons. Private sector banks are the banks which are controlled by the private lenders with the approval from the RBI. Historically, Indian public sector banks have been poor on credit recovery, mainly because of very little legal provision governing foreclosure and bankruptcy, lengthy legal battles, sticky loans made to government public sector undertakings, loan waivers and priority sector lending. Factor analysis was run on the recovery mechanism adopted by private banks for reducing NPAs which completed in two rounds after deleting two items, one with communality below 0. After identifying the reason behind the particular NPA account, one can go for a step ahead.

Sakshi Sharma for her unrelenting support and an uncanny habit of pointing out the flaws in the scheme of things at the most crucial juncture, hence causing several opportunities for learning. Students Experiment with Hydroponics Agriculture Developed by LPU students, it is a novel technology in which the plants are grown in an artificial environment without soil. We ensure that work deadlines are met. This finding also highlights the possible stronger disciplining role played by the capital market indicating a strong link between market for corporate control and efficiency of private enterprise assumed by property right hypothesis. The secondary sources comprised of various audited reports and publications of the Reserve Bank of India.

Time and efforts of management in handling and managing NPA would have diverted to some fruitful activities, which would have given good returns. Thus, some amount of subjectivity might remain. Students Design Autonomous Rover Engineering LPU students capdtone built an autonomous navigation robot having capability of obstacle avoidance and following pre-defined path given as GPS coordinates.

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All the projects will have access Your message has been successfully sent! The reference should be given at the end of the capstone in alphabetical order indicating: English and Foreign Languages. Capstone project report lpureview Rating: It will not apply to accounts involving one financial institution or one bank instead it covers multiple banking accounts, syndication, consortium accounts with outstanding exposure of Rs.


Captsone main difference between public and private sector banks is only that public sector banks follow the RBI interest rules strictly but private banks can make some changes in them but only after the approval from the RBI. A structured questionnaire assessing work system, recovery system, processing loan applications and other impeding factors associated with loan portfolio was used to collect primary information from the private banks.

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We can also visualize the trend of private sector banks by using gross advances, gross NPAs and ratios of gross NPA to gross advances and total assets. Thereafter the Varma committee on restructuring weak public sector banks has also viewed the separation of NPAs and its transfer thereafter to the ARF is an important element in a comprehensive restructuring strategy for weak banks. During Financial Projct states that new empirical evidence on the impact of financial liberalization on the performance of Indian commercial banks.

This implies that the recovery mechanism adopted by private banks to reduce NPAs is not effective. It has become a difficult task for the banks to reduce the lending rate due to the presence of large NPAs. The accomplishment of these norms at the execution stages without restructuring the banking sector as such is creating havoc, this research paper capstohe with the problem of having non-performing assets, the reasons for mounting of non-performing assets and the practices present in other countries for dealing with non-performing assets.

The banker can earn sufficient net margin by investing in safer securities though not at high rate of interest. External factors Internal factors: Convocation Line 1 Click Here. RBI permitted new banks to be started in the private sector as per the recommendation of Narashiman committee. For measuring efficiency of banks we have adopted development envelopment analysis and found that public sectors banks are more efficient then other banks in India Brijesh K.


Enterprises may well be able to pass a large portion of these costs to customers in the form of capsrone prices. Automobile Engineering Yet another renewable initiative! The Central government and RBI have taken steps for arresting incidence of fresh NPAs and creating legal and regulatory environment to facilitate the recovery of existing NPAs of banks.

capstone project report lpu

The team participated in Rover Challenge and won first prize in competition. Students Showcase Designs at Fashion Show!

Students can download the photographs based on the line number allocated to them, for the ceremony. That means only rpoject last years the efficiency and asset quality of private sector banks is questionable otherwise in all other previous years the banks had shown a continuous improvement. EA – Capstone Report Documents.

The potential and borderline accounts require quick diagnosis and remedial measures so that they do not step into NPAs categories. The objective of ARC is floating of bonds and making necessary steps for recovery of NPAs from the borrowers directly. These courses include food production, bakery, housekeeping, food and beverage service. The fact that if you do not have the personal interest in the topic you selected, you will definitely lose your willpower to complete the capstone project at the end.

Ultimately this is affecting the competitiveness of the Indian banks.

capstone project report lpu

We can see the declining trend in NPA of non-priority sector from tothis as a result of securitization Act,