By Susheng Wang and Lanfang Wang. In its strategic intent and investment philosophy, SEAF is a long-term institutional investor. Total funding at year-end stands at little less than Rs. In short, the chief justice has no shortage of material to refer to in order to understand the reality of the case. I had full access to information and had all the liberty to write as I saw fit.

This stands out particularly when one looks at the short-sightedness of our family-run business owners and their opportunistic, self-serving business philosophies. Reportedly, he created wealth to the tune of one billion dollars in The company reportedly earns revenues of several million dollars each month, which is then shuffled through a network of offshore companies. It actually funded some brilliant ones. However, the one that succeeds more than pays for the other nine investments as it brings in fabulous, multi-fold returns. This arrangement involves two parties, the managing trustee Mudarib and the beneficial owner Rabb ul Maal.

Majority of the IT qualification holders hoped to ultimately land in the US with an H1 visa and a rewarding job in the booming technology sector.

Moreover, media outlets in Canada and now Britain have carried reports that people xase obtained fake credentials from this company are currently working in sensitive jobs such as paediatric care.

case study on axact

It also allows better control over the performance of the team adact the investee company. They decided on the performance criteria for startups and rounds of funding that the companies would go through. A recent report brought to light a fake degree scam that involved eight employees of the Karachi University. I have seen the portfolio grow from three to eight companies while the number of people employed by them grew from 50 to As a result, a spirit of enterprise and risk-taking characterizes the entire AKD Group.


Aqeel Karim Dhedhi has a penchant for risk taking. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience.

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Background of the Assignment and Methodology Limitations of the Research There are some important key players in this venture capital story from Pakistan, such as founding CEOs of some of the portfolio companies who left the companies they founded, institutional investors who joined hands with but later left TMT and existing CEOs of portfolio companies.

It wanted more venture capitalists to come forth so that a new segment of investment mode could emerge. Science and technology became the buzz and IT came under the spotlight. Managing such a diverse portfolio, with most of the companies struggling, posed its own challenges. Coming at number four on the investment list, PA was, and remains, the largest single investment. This is how it has been in He was well known for his expertise in brokerage and asset management and was instinctively inclined to try out new things.

This gesture of magnanimity by Mr. Winning the tender was not as easy as it may appear.

case study on axact

The book value of the fund stood at Rs. The cade examines various issues faced by Cawe Ventures in the implementation of a new concept — venture capital — in Pakistan. The application lets direct marketers know the recency and frequency of purchasing, and the amount of money spent by the people in their database. The news was received with enthusiasm, euphoria and a sense of pride; creating lots of excitement in the IT sector of Pakistan.

case study on axact

Even if these steps are taken the damage this case has already done to the company, its employees and the prosecution department are tremendous. The case of Axact Company is an exact example of how political expediency and not the legitimacy of a case often leads to an action that rebounds, later exposing the inefficiencies of law enforcement agencies and leading people to distrust the prosecution system being practised in the country.


Pakistan’s multi-million-dollar diploma mill

Axact case, again Editorial January 21, He took up the challenge and found a axac new partner in SEAF. AKD acquires its below-par shares at face value.

Total funding at year-end stands at little less than Rs. This involved business plan evaluation, equity financing for start-upsgrowth funding or expansion capital when start-ups reach the next stage, focus and wxact through better corporate governance, monitoring and financial reporting.

All communications may please be addressed to: From PRs25m of proprietary AKD capital invested in three companies when I joined, to raise a PRsm institutional fund, a first of its kind in Pakistan, has been wonderful experience.

Jafar Nazir Usmani, a PhD in natural chemistry having nearly 40 years of om and research commercialization experience. The company has capitalized on global interest in online education, seeking out prospective students around the world and targeting them with marketers and sales representatives who convince them to fork over money for coursework that never arrives or just for the degree stdy. TMT Ventures provided the following services to its portfolio companies: