The company believes its unique approach to operations management makes it ‘ It actually spends most of its time waiting as stocks inventories of parts and products. Cost- the NC service is not profitable, therefore any reduction in cost is welcome because it reduces the ‘loss’; the GR service will have fewer cost pressures because it is naturally profitable and some customers may even pay more for an enhanced service. In responding to road accidents especially, every second is critical. In fact, we have a policy of making sure that restaurant staff can always do more than one job. Internal neutrality It is a stage of an operation function that playing a largely negative role and the very resort level of contribution. The more minimizing mistake, the more minimize the excess labor costs to pay for doing excess works; third, less mistake and using top-class and durable materials also result in saving expenditures such as maintaining fee, cost of materials resulted by mistakes , transporting fees, and other excess expenditures.

Internally, it effectively minimizes the response time to deliver services to the customers which in turn reduce the labour cost and increasing the availability of services, allow speedy decision-making and speedy movement of materials and information inside the operation. This will result in empty bus seats if too large a bus has to be used or loss of revenue if potential passengers are not transported. Quality reduces cost It reduces cost for Minutia due to it is fewer the chance to make mistakes. They can be relied on to deliver exactly as planned. Flexibility will accord different demands and needs to fast handle with making change or decisions. Hence the range of goods and services which you produce has to be wide enough to Delivering, or making available, products or deal with all customer possibilities. Speed reduces inventories – reducing i inventories mean increasing the utilization of rooms and restaurant, that fast cleaning and preparing the available rooms and dinner tables for external customers adds revenue for organization, and improving the efficient of working.


Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara

So in the end we’ve come full circle: Penang Mutiara, being one of the most prestigious hotels in Penang, have managed to secure a foothold in this lucrative and highly competitive environment.

In doing this they should be progressing from a state where they are contributing very little to the competitive success of the business through to the point operation they are directly responsible for its competitive success.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

This, in turn, means investing in and managing some major operations projects. With new technology the video can be started from a freeze-frame and will broadcast the instant the command to play is given.

Caze communication can obstruct people, getting to resists changing.

Operations objectives at Penang Mutiara Essay Example for Free – Sample words

Explain how each of these performance objectives might have internal benefits. Since it was founded inthe company’s growth has been phenomenal. So, high flexibility gives the ability to produce a high variety of products or services.

case study operations objectives at the penang mutiara

Once customers feel satisfied, customers will help to promote company business to the surrounding people. Internally, cost performance is helped by good performance in the other performance objectives. Conversely, the city bus company will pay very little for its supplies, fuel being one of its main bought-in items. These relate to the company’s responsibility to customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and society in general.

Flexible operations adapt to changing circumstances quickly and without disrupting the rest of the operation. Computer analysis of previous accident data helps to select the ambulance’s waiting position, and global positioning systems help controllers to mobilize the nearest unit. Analysis Eliminating mis-packing would result in an improvement in quality. How about make it original?


The team has faith in the dependability of the process. Operators have all the information they need at their individual assembly and test stations. Plans include extending the technology to provide precise estimated times of arrival every time a cab is called and automatic call back to confirm each reservation. It also enables high motivation, high morale, and great satisfaction of staff.

Two services are shown, a taxi and a bus service. New groups are constitude whose vales, beliefs, manners and some concerns may not be known. So, voluntary workers in a charity may be employees, shareholders and customers all at once.

Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara

At one time news editors would have to schedule a videotaped report to start its countdown five seconds prior to its broadcasting time. Dispelling some serious troubles or problem always needs more staffs or more time to do it, thus, it results in the labor cost added, such as part-time salary, overtime compensation. In addition, technology allows them the flexibility to achieve dependability, even when news stories break just before transmission.

In order to compete for business and to keep abreast with stiff competition in the hotel industry. It leads to more effective operation. This may include increase utilization of rooms, cleaning and preparation for the room and improve efficient of working. Operations look to the long term.

So one important way to improve cost performance is to improve the performance of the other operations objectives see Figure 2. Log In Sign Up. Speed can reduce inventories. What do you think are the internal implications to the new centralized operation that will provide onjectives service?