Master of Social Work Program. The proposal must be developed with the advice of your thesis committee. Statement of need F. By participating in the generation. Master s Degree Requirements: Investigatory or experimental procedures to be followed: A contribution is any new information that you can give to your discipline.

Three common types of quantitative methods involve surveys, correlation analyses, and experiments. If it seems that a possible topic would take a long time to complete assuming regular effort , you should consider narrowing the topic or selecting another topic. Master s Thesis Procedure Master s Thesis Procedure These guidelines have been prepared to assist you in the successful completion of your master s thesis program. The dissertation in the Ed. The exit project provides International Studies graduate students an opportunity to integrate and apply what they have learned in the International Studies master’s degree program. MA with a Major in Sociology. June, NRSG faculty:

Ed.D in Educational Leadership

Theses and thesis proposals go through several revisions, reflecting both conceptual and stylistic changes. The student must register for the thesis using the Graduate Capstone Course Registration Form, available at the School of Graduate Studies or at the website.

An example of a thesis abstract is provided in Appendix M. The first and often most difficult step for many students is selecting a thesis idea.

Margins and Spacing Since the original copy of the thesis will be bound, there should be a left margin of at least one and one-half inches.

Use the Insert Table tool to create accessible handbpok. The analysis and interpretation of one’s results are often the most challenging parts of the project.


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For investigatory or experimental theses, the next section of your proposal F describes the methodology you will use. When theses are listed by discipline 1 see Table graduattewe can see that there are noticeable differences in length between fields. Different disciplines use different formats or style sheets for their professional writing.

From Admission to Graduation M.

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You may also contact School of Graduate Studies, located in Barnard and atif you have questions. There are, however, several effective strategies that you can follow that will make you more productive.

To help address these concerns, a statistical profile of some recent theses done at CCSU has been compiled. Coercive, incentive based, and communication-based change strategies will be contrasted.

Rob Stewart Contact Information: Visit the graduate 8. While the tabular presentation implies a linear progression, in fact, it rarely happens that way.

ccsu graduate thesis handbook

In order to preserve your University Thesis in a digital format, the Graduate School requires that you submit a copy of your thesis in digital format. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies are explored.

If certain materials are essential for the research, you should check whether thesis materials are obtainable before extensive effort is made in planning the study in more detail.

ccsu graduate thesis handbook

Limitations of your project limiting factors which affect study Two copies of the approved thesis, one original for binding by the library, hsndbook three additional copies of the thesis abstract not to exceed words and one to two pages must be submitted to the dean of the School of Graduate Studies. Cczu in Figure are major steps in the thesis process.


October 22, Purpose This guide is intended to supplement, but not replace, the Towson University More information. Information regarding the HSC and the proposal submission process can be found at www.

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The specific procedures are explained below. Up one level Registration Related Policies.

In this regard, a thesis represents the capstone activity of your graduate degree program. Research activities, such as a thesis, usually focus on a limited area, exploring a very specific issue or question. A fourth issue that falls under the heading of feasibility is the availability of faculty support. Various academic departments have identified examples of good Master’s theses written by Central Connecticut graduate students in Chapter 4, Table Investigatory or experimental procedures to be followed: Again, place a label with your name and thesis title on the center of the cover and put a second label stating COPY in the upper right hand corner.

Students should NOT use ring binders or any other means that would create perforations to the thesis; these will not be accepted.