Okay number one if your major is computer science you should be expecting hard courses. This guy is the worst, one of the worst professors ever. He changed the structure of the class to help students. This being said, our semester also had many terribly harsh graders for TA’s. In this class we require that all binary trees are full binary trees. However, he forgets that not everyone, especially undergraduates, are not as brilliant as he is.

Meesh will be the first person to realize that you’re not stupid; your brain just works differently. Terrible teacher, please avoid him. Best Case scenario, very hard to prove in the general case. While lectures aren’t extremely helpful at the time of the lecture, going over the notes and understanding the semantics of every afterwards algorithm helps. Clyde is disorganized, and hard to communicate with for administrative issues. For example, is the unit missing deadlines? The while loop always decrements j to zero to compare against the sentinel value.

If you learn purely through lectures, you might want to avoid her classes.

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Since he’s all into his mathematics, he “curves” by dividing your exam grade by a decimal he magically calculated or pulled out of his ass which is now also his mouth. His lectures are rambling, he is unhelpful, and he just doesn’t give a flying fuck about you as a person.

What is the probability that xixj: Identify the specific things you want the employee to do in the future to eliminate that performance gap, and what you can do to support the change with training, mentoring, or other resources. TL;DR Kruskal is a scatterbrained, unorganized mess of a professor, and you should avoid him at all costs. He is sometimes overly tough, but generally fair.


I would have given him 4 stars but if you try to ask him questions right after an exam even if it’s unrelated, he will yell at you.

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In as few as three solutionx, build and expand your knowledge of narrative medicine and provide a foundation to improve the quality of healthcare worldwide. He knows his stuff and is easy to understand and follow. It is not impossible to get an A in his class. Starting at location i, go until reach location j This gives you a much better chance of pivoting near the middle. For example sklutions the first test this semester he gave us decimals and fractions all over the place.

Recursively partition the array, put small numbers to the left and large numbers to the right.

This has happened so many times it makes me want to smack them and tell them to listen to my damn question before cutting me off. Study groups are key since you will never solutionx provided with homework answers. Merge Sort Merge Comparison analysis Equal length arrays Merge algorithm is linear over 2 sorted lists of same size.

But the two are still verifiable in the same class of running time.

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If at all possible, take with someone else who isn’t a d0uchebag who likes making his students suffer. This guy is the worst, one of the worst professors ever. Proved by example in lecture. One of Golub’s bright spots: That said though, he is not the sort of guy who will bump solutiions up if he sees you in his office a lot or w. Loosely speaking easy means polynomial time and hard means exponential time.


This man is terrible. Not a theorem, just an empirical statement. Treat the tree hlmework a recursive heap: Our first exam was taken out of 88 points, our second was 95, and third 97 or so.

cmsc351 homework solutions

This alone makes the course hell for the math illiterate. If you have other options, take them instead.

cmsc351 homework solutions

Exams are generally based off the homework and his “thought questions,” the extra problems he posts online without solutions. Homewotk you encounter an element in A, lookup that index in C, then assign an element into B, then decrement the value in C. But his style, for me, just fits. Remove smallest edge weight from consideration and update connecting vertices if smaller. Of course, how he expects you soolutions master some of theses proofs after one or two examples is beyond me.

She doesn’t seem to believe in secret tests.