Because detailed writing instruction is less available in a Blackboard learning experience, the evaluation standards will be reduced for this writing assignment. This site uses cookies. Then provide evidence of the three 3 types identified in A, 5 to defend each topic sentence. To close the gap of social classes, Krugman suggests we end tax cuts, revitalize unions, and increase minimum wages. You must quote a minimum of five 5 times, total, from the two essays, in building your evidence.

Confronting inequality can be confronted if people try to lower the problem in social classes and economic situations. He supports this claim by first describing the social costs of inequality that came from conservatives trying to argue the opposite. Many scholars have questioned the driving force and causes behind this growing inequality, as well as the proper solutions to fix it. Throughout the years inequality has affected class and income. A maximum of points can be earned for this essay.

confronting inequality paul krugman thesis

Lastly, Brooks believes the income inequality language introduces a class conflict element to the discussion and polarizes the debate. The factors that have caused inequality to rise are tax cuts on the top earners in America and confrontng lack of healthcare for poor and middle class families. The strongest point for me in the article was the idea that raising the minimum wage will have no affect because the real problem is that those in poverty are most likely not working at all or too little hours, so the increase would not make much difference for them.

confronting inequality paul krugman thesis

Also, the more money the wealthy have, and the less of a middle class there is, the more influence the wealthy have in imequality, which again increases the social inequality in America.

Although not comparative and not related to the subject matter of your Analysis 2, it observes the same standards of clear reasoning and the uses of varied forms of evidence.

Monday, November 10, Inequality can be defined as a lack of regularity or difference in size, degree, or circumstance. To lessen this cultural separation, individual American families need to begin acting in their own interests and the interests of their children.


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With this cultural problem, changing government programs and regulations will not make a difference. Today, America’s confrontimg class is overextending themselves in an effort to give their children more opportunities Many middle class citizens are purchasing homes that they can’t afford, so that their kids will be attending a good school so that their children can have more opportunities This shows the growing gap between the wealthy and the poor.

In this world there are many problems because of inequality that make it hard to confront and many people have more disagreements. Newer Post Older Post Home. Once these thdsis are implemented, there will be more revenue for the government, so that lower income families can be assisted, and then social equality will resume.

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If politicians are able to buy and own the government, they will. Be guided by their differing points of view related to any of the 14 questions provided in A Finally, in C, note the bracketed Topic Sentence 1 directly compares on its first page Willy and Amanda, characters in different plays. As your research component in inequaliry paper, please include in your comparative essay a minimum total of five 5 direct quotations from the combined 28 pages of the two 2 essays under comparison; a minimum of four 4 direct quotation notes from confrnting 2 experts on the economy other than authors of the two essays you are comparing; and four 4 notes from experts, but in your words, from two krugmaan different experts, whose thinking supports your thesis.

Then the moral philosophers address inequality by invoking principles of justice and fairness.

Confronting Inequality

She claims that high inequality undermines development by hindering economic progress, weakening democratic life, and threatening social cohesion she supports this claim by first analyzing income growth and democratic life. Assignments in the second half of the course, Modules 5 — 10 include just above, Quizzes, see A — A and just above, Critical Analysis 2 see A — A All are directly or indirectly discussed in the two essays you are comparing.


Follow only as a guide to thesiz, not subject.

confronting inequality paul krugman thesis

C also provides direction for developing evidence through research and for documenting the research in a Works Cited section. He supports these claims by first trying to prove a moral analysis of inequality.

Confronting Inequality

He claims that many economists are reluctant to confront rising income inequality directly, saying that whether this trend is good or bad requires a value judgment that is best left to philosophers. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Krugman believes that, in order to solve inequality, America needs to implement healthcare reform to the point of universal healthcare. Three 3 types of textual evidence are available: Lastly, I will discuss what I believe to be the most successful of the three positions and why it is the most convincing as to what the real cause and solution is to income inequality.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Robert Frank reports that the rich are creating their own world, away from the middle class and the poor, which supports Krugman’s thesis that there is a growing difference jrugman social equality, which is being caused by the inequaoity between wealth.

Another cause of this problem is we tend to simplify all complex cultural, social, behavioral, and economical problems into strictly economical problems. Please follow carefully all Analysis 2 instructions, just above A — A and in Announcements, Module 8.

One example of this can be seen in the tax break for the hedge fund managers. This site uses cookies.