A special study is planned, developed, and completed under direction of a faculty member. May be repeated for a total of 6 units at one level. In Creative Writing classes, students work with an active, publishing faculty. Writing from the American Experience. Graduate standing or consent of the instructor.

Bachelor of Arts in Child and Adolescent Development: Concentration in Dietetics and Nutrition Science. Classified graduate standing in creative writing; a grade of B or better in the course or its equivalent in which the student will be an aide; consent of instructor. Restricted to graduate student in M. Enrollment is not required in the semester of graduation. Concentration in School Age Child and Family. Social Work Toggle Social Work.

The skills developed in creative writing translate well into corporate editing, publishing, teaching, and working for arts organizations. Concentration in Exercise and Movement Sciences.

Master of Arts in English: Concentration in Creative Writing

Written Creative Work on the following criteria: However, the ADT includes specific guarantees related to admission and graduation and is designed to clarify the transfer process and strengthen lower-division bupletin for the major. Bachelor of Music Toggle Bachelor of Music. Units chosen in M. Classified graduate standing in creative writing; a grade of B or better in the course or its equivalent in which the student will be an aide; consent of instructor.


Creation and revision of original creative nonfiction to a finished, publishable state. Decision Sciences Toggle Decision Sciences.

Workshop in Fiction Units: Concentration in Information Systems. Public Administration Toggle Public Administration. For students with an earned M.

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Admission to the Program Students interested in this program must submit, via Cal State Apply a meaningful sample of their writing 15 to 20 pages of fiction or creative nonfiction, or 15 to 20 pages of literary translation, or a full-length stage play or two short plays, or 15 to 20 poemsthree letters of recommendation, and transcripts. Environmental Studies Toggle Environmental Studies. The undergraduate major combines the academic specifications of the traditional English major with the experiential needs of the writing student.

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For students planning a culminating project in playwriting, the following courses in Theatre Arts are acceptable:. Topics to be specified in the Class Schedule.

Correlative courses related to the candidate’s interests and planned with the approval of the M. Intensive study of a particular area in poetry, fiction or playwriting. In this regard they will continue to be fully qualified as potential graduate students in English as well as prepared should they wish to continue as M.


creative writing sfsu bulletin

Minimum of 6 units selected from the following: May be taken for two semesters of credit. Features guest performances throughout the semester by outstanding local, national, and international poets, writers, musicians, and related artists. Career Outlook The career goal is to train and encourage writers of poetry, fiction, cretaive, and nonfiction.

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Check any geographically accessible CCCs; sometimes options include more than one college. Theater Arts courses include TH A, Survey of Greece’s prominent modern poets in comparison with major Anglo-American and European poets. Restricted to graduate students in creative writing or consent of instructor. On-line course descriptions are available.

Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design and Merchandising: Certificate Information Toggle Certificate Information. Applicants from graduate creative writing programs at other colleges or universities may transfer six units to the M.

The two graduate programs differ in scope. Discussion of problems such as craft, aspects of voice, form, characterization, and dialogue.