But the deer in their sight disappeared suddenly. We learn that we should forsake pride, anger, desires, etc. Then yudhisthira sent sahadev, one of his brothers to look for water. Can we truly say that patience and right conduct are rewarded on this Earth? For that Yudhisthira preferred Nakala with much pleasing reason. Newer Post Older Post Home.

It was hot and they were tired. They were either dead or unconscious. This story can also be interpreted to mean that righteousness make us feel good here on earth. TThis tale has been excerpted from the Mahabarata, one of the two major Sanskrit epics of India, describing events that might have taken place thousands of years ago. However, none of them returned for a long time.

If we have selfish and careless attitude, that ruins our personality in particular and humanity in general. Newer Post Older Post Home. I can grave some philosophical concepts is my subjects interest. After being told not to drink the water, the four younger brothers obediently wait but the Yaksha says nothing, leaving them with the impression that they have been hallucinating. Then yudhisthira sent sahadev, og of his brothers to look for water.

Yudhishthira’s wisdom four levels

Moreover, he correctly answers the Yaksha’s philosophical queries. He sooner got fainted.

Or it simply says a journey of five brothers in the jungle. Then Yudhisthira chose Nakula on the moral ground. Despite his overwhelming thirst, Yudhishthira obeys the Yaksha.


The philosophical portion is of course of great interest, with reflections on such concepts as desire and courage. Which is a part of Mahabharata, Indian greatest epic? Your email address will not be published. Therefore, ultimately Yudhisthira’s himself set out in search of his bother’s following their footprints.

These characteristics, in fact, help them to solve any kind of problems in hardships and difficulties.

critical thinking of yudhisthiras wisdom

The writer says education i His four brothers were prostrate on the ground due to their disobedience to the voice of Yama. Mero Future August 4, at 2: Similarly, a man can’t abandon pride and ambitioning, on their absence, success will be a mere a dream.

critical thinking of yudhisthiras wisdom

What feeds him and sustains him and makes thunking strong? Isn’t it the case that many believe that passionless life is not worth living?

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As I went through the story carefully, I came to realize the reality of life. Was the righteousness of people like Socrates, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King rewarded while they lived?

Do such complicated questions really have simple answers? He sent the third as well as the fourth ones, but they also didn’t return. The concept that real critifal of life stands on the platform of right conduct ,wisdom, patience and endurance has now changed my mode of thinking about several aspects of life. If we follow his wisdom we can make our life successful. He tudhisthiras advised them to go to Matcha and also promised to help them when they were in danger.


Yama, the God of Justice and Death, thinkjng his brother had disobeyed him and hudhisthiras such were prostrate flat on the ground. The story may be trying to tell us something about the importance of patience, obedience to gods, wisdom, and right conduct.

A Commencement Speech Salman Rushdie. Similarly, Nakula, Bhima and Arjuna got the same fate lastly Yudhisthira himself went and found such condition of brothers. So, he sent all his brothers one after the other gradually but none of them returned with any information of source of water nearby.

One yudhisthiraw also argue with the choice of material in Adventures in English. Here is an example of applying the four reading levels to a particular text. However, none of them returned for a long time.