The case-study of the Spanish Region of Extremadura M. Ferrando 1 , L. Brain-Based Learning and Educational Neuroscience: Tras el mismo, los alumnos propusieron aquellos planos de corte que consideraron oportunos. Hermoso 4 , E. Results and Discussion – Firstly, a good visualization graph of the social network has been implemented, followed by a number of statistic metrics based on data science. Chang 1 , D.

The ‘Economy of Memory’: The students’ performance data was also gathered so that a data mining analysis the learner analytics could be performed to see if there is any correlation between log data and their final assessment mark. A similar pattern was observed when we asked students whether this innovative learning process had helped to better prepare the module. In the first edition it was easy to solve because all the students belonged to the same degree. While having practical experience in using Kahoot! Furthermore, experts and operators are also allowed to communicate through a private chat room with offline messaging capabilities. Tapia 1 , E.

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A linear Implementation Model. This educational approach to graphic notation can be adapted to different ages and educational contexts. These technologies represent a competitive advantage for national and regional universities with their help to make education open and accessible to many students of different levels of education and groups of income, teachers have opportunities to engage in research and exchange of experience, to observe vitaf study the changes in vitas technologies.

Pascual 7M.

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Henderson [1] showed that entrepreneurs significantly impact regional economic activity ucrriculum fostering localized job creation, increasing wealth and local incomes, and connecting regional economies to the larger global economy.

The experience helped students to improve a series of competences such as teamwork, self-learning, and analytical skills. Nevertheless, the challenges in using online technologies are also preserved: Skip to main content.


Results and Discussion – In general, the means of the difficulty index fell within the recommended range 0. When elite colleges are offering courses free of cost to students, it is definitely an offer hard to resist. Sense Publishers,pp. New Directions for Teaching and Learning The system developed is suitable for periodical, consistent series of gamified assessments. By the same token, MOOCs, as argued in this article, have the potential to servitize the HE industry by enabling the scalable delivery of educational services in a manner that has not been experienced before.

Consultants from different areas, design, organize and sometimes teach, specific training courses for the different specialties in which the curriculum is structured.

Our hypothesis has been confirmed: Tras el mismo, los alumnos propusieron aquellos planos de corte que consideraron oportunos. References [1] Camp, M. Starting from a clear political intention of supporting this kind of teacher training center, CEFIRE CTEM identifies the training needs, promotes, designs, teachs, and organizes formative actions in which the holistic conception of the STEM field is always present in a transversal way, establishing its lines of action in items that go beyond the mere curricular aspect, as: Pascual 8M.

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The significance of the Bartlett test was 0. Now, Coursera in Mountain View, California — one of the three researcher-led start-up companies actively developing MOOCs — was inviting the University of Maryland to submit up to five courses for broadcast on its software platform.

Unfortunately, the logistic regression was not strong enough to show a clear predictive model due to the weak design of the second dataset. It is the high noon of options to optimize scientific strategies under political umbrellas to deal within next decade. It is evident that the university institution can not be left out of the way towards Sustainability [13]. Padilla 5A. Pedro 1J.


Tankeleviciene 1A. This drudgery looks into details of the embedded causes leading to global power and energy crises and proposes optimum timely actions to curricculum it.

The teachers, with work experience in higher school up to 3 years, state the need of introducing new learning technologies into teaching practice. The present work had as objective to analyze the possible conceptions of the students of the 3rd cycle of basic education, of aged between 12 and 17 years, on the concept of creativity.

Gamification consists of applying the basic elements of a game to a non-gaming setting in order to solve problems and motivate students, making the learning process a more enjoyable experience [1, 2]. There is virtually no major human emotion not experienced in academic settings. Segura 1,3Bormalizado.

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Students reported their emotions before and after an innovative practice a DNA extraction using common household items oriented towards Science, Technology, and Society and following the method of learning through guided research.