Loss to follow-up before and after delivery among women testing HIV positive during pregnancy in Johannesburg, South Africa. These factors cannot be adequately addressed, however, unless gender is mainstreamed into prevention of mother to child HIV transmission policies and programmes. Men address the above topics with a special focus on undergoing HCT. Similar findings have been reported in Uganda, where it was reported that indifference at the leadership level resulted in a lack of actions for addressing gender-related challenges against PMTCT and staff were not held accountable for their inactions NCG Uganda Key informant interviews were also conducted with 26 leaders purposively sampled from three government health facilities in Mwanza city to understand their practices.

Not all pregnant women are tested for HIV [ 6 ], not all women receive treatment [ 7 ] and not all mothers provided with medication take it themselves or give it to their newborns [ 8 ]. In this section, the document discusses the impact that gender has on differential vulnerability to HIV between men and women. However, with regard to interventions, the plan pays very little attention to gender norms, roles, and relations. There is no formal training on how to handle gender related challenges. This calls for programme review and capacity strengthening at service delivery points.

Facilitators and clinic staff write their initials next to appointments as they are completed. That is, women living with HIV and their male partners should plan when to have a child so that they have time to reflect on the implication of child birth and appropriate measures for PMTCT. Study flow diagram for pmrct in the study.

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Moderators of real-world effectiveness of smoking cessation aids: The area where clients sit waiting for services, has no enough space for couples to sit Head of Unit, Health Facility B. Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV PMTCT strategies have dramatically reduced infant morbidity and mortality associated with HIV, as well as significantly improving maternal health [ 1 ].

Antenatal care ANC is an entry point for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission PMTCTparticularly when a man accompanies his spouse for voluntary counselling and testing VCTeven though this seldom happens in Ethiopia.


dissertation on pmtct

Regarding endorsement of the law on partner notification by health professionals about the HIV status of individuals, those who responded affirmatively appeared more likely to be tested than their counterparts COR 3. For instance, the existing guidelines are pmmtct on how to handle masculine norms that increase vulnerability to HIV, which negatively influence primary prevention of HIV among women. Thus, each experimental clinic staff person is currently conducting two sequences of group sessions and individual counseling sessions under the supervision of the HSRC coordinator.

National Library of Medicine Gateway system. Those with no formal education were less likely to be tested than those who completed their higher education AOR 0. Key gender training areas may include: A review of studies in Africa involving men in antenatal care concluded that male support, as well as involvement, may be required to increase PMTCT uptake [ 22 ].

Nonetheless, the absence of an independent male ANC unit and of a male support group, the need for partner notification disclosure of one’s HIV status to others without permission and legal enforcement of a male partner to use a VCT service were among other barriers reported by all participants, also during the FGDs and elsewhere. The above quoted statements are not sufficient. One of the interviewees explained that: However, the findings indicate that effectiveness of the joint decision dissetation practice safe sex depends on how well gender concerns are addressed.

Support Center Support Center. In contrast to the current diseertation, the Zambian study underlined the need for a husband’s ddissertation for dissedtation HIV test, [12] probably because of cultural differences, and requires some remedial action.

Likewise, couple counselling must be promoted and awareness pmyct through behavioural change and communication among the community.

The importance of addressing gender inequality in efforts to end vertical transmission of HIV. GM implemented the intervention.

It was further asserted that the set-up of VCT room s ensures privacy and confidentiality for the couples. Nonetheless, partners who thought that partner notification by health professionals should be permitted were more likely to be tested than their counterparts AOR 8.


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The experimental condition included a gender-concordant group intervention based on sexual risk reduction and PMTCT promotion, and the attention-control condition included time-matched usual antenatal care. During group sessions, participants receive CB skill training addressing the key components of each session, for example, how cognitions relate to anticipated outcomes and thereby predict behavioral change.

Those who are interested in participation are screened for eligibility, provide written informed consent, and are enrolled in the study. Use of contraceptives is part of a comprehensive approach toward stopping transmission of HIV from the mother to the child. In the event that the participant does not provide the booklet, this data will be collected from clinic records. National Library of Medicine Gateway system.

dissertation on pmtct

Pregnant women and their partners from ANCs in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa were followed from month four of pregnancy to three months postpartum. Prior to analyses, appropriate variable transformations will be applied to outcome variables in order to satisfy distributional assumptions.

Improving the usage of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV services in rural Tanzania

Studies generally support male involvement to promote PMTCT, but the nature and impact of that involvement is unclear and untested. Prior to analyses, appropriate variable transformations will be applied to outcome variables in order to satisfy distributional assumptions.

The study showed that the probability of nevirapine coverage of mothers and their infants in the intervention arm compared to control arm increased from 0. Pilot study A one-year pilot project enrolling couples provided the foundation for this trial.