I am trying to find some joke on “3 pointers” and 3 credit grad seminars, working on it. I have occasional bouts of thesis envy, but not enough to make me pursue it. And it seems like Dolph really is some kind of renaissance man: In Pineapple Express , James Franco played a grade-A stoner, the kind of guy who’s only reason for flicking through a book would be to rip out its pages to make a roach. With an education that has doubtless served her well in her Hollywood years, Weaver remains an object lesson in astuteness and longevity in the movie business. O’Neal of Los Angeles, formerly of Orlando.

I would assume the same is true for Ed. That was in NZ, it’s done in a very similar manner here in Ireland. We mention this, because Lundgren has been making the rounds promoting the really-bad-idea of a blockbuster, The Expendables. On the other hand: I cannot go on much longer.

Does Dolph Lundgren Have Multiple Scientific Degrees?

However, I would have hated to be someone who had to objectively grade a film project turned in by Steven Spielburg.

It’s a different academic culture than what Shaq went for, a more applied program with less of a research focus.

Good golly, you forget how big basketball players are until they stand next to average people. ProQuest covers Barry University but only a few — either Barry doesn’t graduate many PhDs or not all of their dissertations end up thereso it is unlikely that there will be an online version lundgreen you to read for free.

What do you think? Whodathunkit, and shame on me.


It seems weird to be inspired by a multi-millionaire going back to school and getting a phd Only a multi-millionaire can afford it these days With an education that has doubtless thssis her well in her Hollywood years, Weaver remains an object lesson in astuteness and longevity in the movie business. And that’s all I’m going to say on a public forum.

How Dolph Lundgren Went From Chemical Engineer To Action Star

The only reason anyone cares about this is the reciepent’s ability to play a game mostly unrelated to the degree. O’Neal would be one lundgreb educational lawyer if he decides to do law school and stay in the field of education. As a further feather in his jester’s cap, Oxford made Atkinson an honorary fellow in Then there are the stayers — those who got their PhDs, and went on to htesis high profile careers outside academia.

It generally takes awhile for theses and dissertations to go online — 6 months is a conservative guess, depending on who processes the files and what their staffing thezis workflow look like.

Shaq is the greatest. It would be very unusual for a PhD student to be paying their own way at Yale, especially in the Humanities. Celebrities that went back to college ” I’m not sure how I feel about Brian May being on that list. He may be a real doctor, but he was still only an honorary sheriff’s deputy when he joined a Ghesis team that terrorized a Virginia family during a wrong-door raid. Barry Wilmore will accept an honorary doctorate at the second Tennessee Tech graduation ceremony on Saturday afternoon.


dolph lundgren thesis

On the other hand: I really enjoyed this post! To look at the acting world, you’d be forgiven for thinking dollph most celebrities live a life far removed from the commitment and concentration necessary for further educational study. Which is very disappointing for one reason: So in summary, yeah, I’d vote for Shaq if he got a law degree and ran for office.

Dolph Lundgren | Post Academic

I’ve always held that high profile athletes or lundgrdn almost always make better politicians than just rich business-people. Or, at any rate, I couldn’t find his. That meant he provided security at concerts for artists like Joan ArmatradingDr. I am not finishing on time, partly because I have had to go back to work.

dolph lundgren thesis

I still want my MA. It’s just that the contribution may not be a ‘peer-reviewed’ paper. Let’s conservatively call it over 8 semesters, or classroom hours in total. You don’t write a “dissertation” for an EdD.

dolph lundgren thesis

But I will bet you he spent hundreds of hours in class. Lunvgren worked full time for a few years between undergraduate and post-graduate degrees like you by the sound of things made this a whole lot easier for me.

My point is that you seem to be focusing on the ‘original’ part, where I think the difference lies in the ‘scholarship’ part.