Learn more about how instructors shape DSP. Click to call Learn more about the DSP process from the student perspective. The research paper I was asked to do was not brought up at all by teacher in Eng. Answer the DSP for Writing self-assessment questions. This panel will speak to this process of reflection and revision, considering how the work of the writing center can continually renew itself to best address the students we seek to serve. Upload the essay to the DSP for Writing website see step 1 above.

Sweetland Center for Writing. Click to call Instructors have devised many ways to overcome this challenge:. Keyword Search of sweetland 0″ v-on: Content of comments, blog, and forum postings is copyrighted to the individual. Your instructor for your first U-M writing course will read your essay in order to learn about your writing, and to help you progress as a writer in college. Please address questions, comments, or concerns to sweetlandinfo umich.

Submit Site Search Search. Writing Workshop Writing Groups Courses. Anne Ruggles Gere, University of Michigan, argere umich.

dsp essay umich

Find a time during which you can devote several hours to reading the article, drafting and revising your essay, and answering the survey questions. The essay I wrote was not brought up by my teacher so I do not even know if he read it or not.

Modify the activity or assignment for students who have already worked with their DSP essays so that they are pushed to reflect more deeply than their classmates who are revisiting their essays for the first time. Design activities or assignments to be flexible, so that students are able to learn the writing strategies or principles you are targeting regardless of which DSP prompt they received as incoming students.


In this way, DSP becomes a better reflection of college-level writing at the University of Michigan and more integrated into classroom instruction each year. Speaker three will describe the process of creating a DSP and correlating writing classes for transfer students, explaining how the differences between the newly-developed Transfer DSP and the FYDSP reflect the different goals and needs of these students. Dissertation Writing Institute Fellows Seminar. The University of Michigan believes that these kinds of assessments send students the wrong message about the expectations of college-level writing.

While dozens of colleges and universities use some essat of DSP for writing placement, the University of Michigan has emerged as a national leader in DSP development esasy research.

Content of comments, blog, and forum postings is copyrighted to the individual. We recommend saving or emailing yourself a copy of your DSP for future assignments.

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Many activities using the DSP essays will focus on broader issues of student writing, goal-setting, and self-assessment and need not reference the DSP unich or theme at all. Email Address of Submitter: Engineering students are not required to complete the DSP.

Read the DSP article. My teacher never once mentioned this paper.

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Inthe writing center at University X began its first year of a modified Directed Self-Placement DSPwhich includes a writing task followed by a reflective questionnaire. DSP from the Student Perspective.

Compose a word essay in response to the prompt. Keyword Search of sweetland 0″ v-on: After completing the First-Year Directed Self-Placement for Writing When you meet with your advisor during Orientation, you will consider your experience completing the DSP essay and questions, as well as your prior writing experiences.


dsp essay umich

Have them revise the essays for different audiences, or discuss how they might go about doing so. Upload the essay to the DSP for Writing website see step 1 above. If you fail to meet this dso, you will receive little guidance in selecting your first writing course.

Ask students to recall their experience of writing the DSP essay and write reflectively about it.

dsp essay umich

Include the DSP essays in a portfolio of coursework, along with reflective pieces on their writing development from the DSP essay until now. How are the DSP results used? The pdf below contains all of the information contained in umichh of the DSP Instructor Resources pages that follow if you prefer to print a copy.

Simulating college-level writing to help students make an effective umicn decision is a key function of the DSP essay. As these quotes suggest, when the connection between assessment and instruction is not made, students see the DSP process as irrelevant or even disingenuous. These changes take into account data from several years of DSP results, as well as collaborative work with other writing centers that use DSP.

Speaker one will describe the DSP model which, in addition to the questions usually posed by DSP, asks students to read an article and write exsay evidence-based essay.