When double manning the period for calculating daily rest is a. After passing Case Study Module 2 arrange your two section practical 30 minute test:. If someone asks me where to go for a truck licence, my answer is times Wallace School of Transport. Results 0 of 6 questions answered correctly. Back to CPC module. The daily individual driving limit today for John and Trevor is.

Looking for LGV part 1 theory practice material? Drivers who have acquired rights receive their DQC when they have completed their first 35 hours of periodic training. The test consists of seven case studies the driver works through on a computer. Please once again pass my sincere thanks onto both the administrative staff and Michael himself. Use dmy dates from February For this module, the driver is tested on being able to:.

The test has been csae by industry experts and uses realistic scenarios that a lorry driver may encounter when out on the road. Each new five-year period will begin from the expiry date of the driver’s current Driver CPC qualification, and not from the date on which they reached the 35 hours minimum training requirement.

dvla pcv case study

Drivers can check their Driver CPC periodic training record online to see how many hours they have done. I passed the practical test first time and this is undoubtedly due to the professional and supportive manner in which I was instructed.

Looking for LGV part 1 theory practice material? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from ” https: All drivers need to complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years on an ongoing basis to keep driving for a living.


Learn more about our LGV multiple choice and hazard perception training. Questions or want to buy over the phone? Pv they want to get a vocational licence, but will not be driving for a living, they will only need to ;cv and pass part one and part three.

Not only do you get 60 pc case studies but you can also prepare using our user-friendly learning material, which is broken up into small, easy-to-follow lessons.

dvla pcv case study

The case studies are basically short scenarios based on situations that are highly likely to happen in one’s working life as a lorry driver. They must still complete periodic training to maintain their Driver CPC.

The other two parts are optional and need be taken dlva if the driver requires the full Driver CPC to allow them to drive buses, coaches or lorries professionally. This must be maintained with 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years or the certificate will lapse.

dvla pcv case study

My first phone call was very informative and I had only to choose when to start the training. You’ll have 50 questions and need 40 or more correct answers to pass. In order to qualify for double manning John must be collected within.

Theory Test Case Study – Questions and Details

Trevor and John are double manning a vehicle from the UK to Spain. Where a course of seven hours is split into two parts, the second part must start within 24 hours of the first part ending. When double manning the period for calculating daily rest is a. Our Case Study learning material will give you an idea of stucy DVSA questions but they are not the exact questions you’ll get on the date of your Module 2 test.


New drivers obtain their Driver CPC by passing a series of initial qualification tests with both theory and practical sections.

Become a qualified lorry or bus driver

With Driving Theory 4 All you can learn and test yourself pcb Trevor has completed 4 hours and 30 minutes of driving and must now take a minimum of 45 minutes rest. A pass letter is valid for two years and the driver must complete and pass the Driver CPC module 4 practical demonstration test within the 2 years, otherwise the driver will have to complete module 2 case studies test again.

Our practice case studies are designed to replicate the case studies in the real CPC Module 2 test. You have already completed the test acse. The driver is asked between six and eight multiple choice questions on each of the seven case studies.

Views Read Edit View history. The test consists of seven case studies the driver works through on a computer. Caase case study is different, so you need to ensure you read each one carefully. We have been very pleased with the help and assistance and standard of training we have received from your team.

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