This will lead me to the fourth part of my analysis in which I will demonstrate what and how other approaches can fill in the theoretical gaps and wholes that I have pointed out in my critique. Theories of European Integration. However, while rejecting that the state has been rendered obsolete by European integration, he does concede that integration has changed the nature of the state by blurring the boundaries between international organisations and member states ibid, Liberal Intergovernmentalism is a theory which researches the moments of interstate bar- gaining on European integration issues. European Union Warming up for the EU.

This will lead me to the fourth part of my analysis in which I will demonstrate what and how other approaches can fill in the theoretical gaps and wholes that I have pointed out in my critique. Understanding the European Union. Due to similarities between the cases, LI concluded the following as the dominating aspects: Alternative approaches to European Integration. Learning as a source of change in the European Union. Help Center Find new research papers in: Within this framework institutions fulfil multiple roles in order to control the execution of the agreement:

Professor Robert Harmsen Course: Thus, they continue to be present in the field of European Integration Theo- ries. Their primary assumptions therefore can be whittled down to a logic of social action in a rational manner and a driving self interest which ultimately leads these actors to Inte- gration.

By Wander A M Engbers. Help Center Find new research papers in: Alternative approaches to European Integration 3. Essays on the Theory and Practice of International Politicscritiquing the neofunctionalist ideas and presenting his own. Moravcsik built on the ideas of Hoffmann, and agreed with many of the key principles, such as the assumption that nations could be seen as rational and departing from realists approach to the state.


The autonomy of the ECJ is given for en- forced compliance with EU law, the production of EU law itself however remains under in direct influence by the Members States, via the Commission or treaty amendments. This was later built upon by Andrew Moravcsik with his theory of Liberal Intergovernmentalism, which involved a more fundamental critique of neofunctionalism and involved those that neofunctionalists acknowledged themselves.

To Hoffmann, it iintergovernmentalism clear that there are actors other then national governments who are influential in the process of integration. In order to fully cope with this question I will structure this essay the following: Developments – such as the ECJ judicial influence and the spread of QMV – which Neo- functionalism describes as being unintended, are rejected in being unintended effects of the inter- state bargaining.

Neofunctionalism vs Liberal Intergovernmentalism

Insert a link to a new page. Moravc- sik does not attribute this important role to third parties, in the case of the European Union this results in a limited role of the EU institutional players.

The neofunctionalists on the other hand emphasise on the inter- treaty process of integration, making the approach of Moravcsik too narrow Wincott, The second element of explaining European integration is the process of translating the national interest into intergovernmental agreement and eventually integration.

essay liberal intergovernmentalism

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the above definition intergovefnmentalism plagiarism. Firstly, as discussed above, intergovernmental agreement for integration will not occur in areas of high politics, as this would encroach on state sovereignty too much. With the use of several theories it divides the research in three steps of negotiating; internal, external, and enforcement.

Neo-functionalism versus liberal intergovernmentalism.

Liberal Intergovernmentalism Essay

essya List of Tables 1. Remember me on this computer. Highly imperfect knowledge of the long term implications of decisions made in the European Integration process can trig- ger unintended consequences To join this workspace, request access. Al- though the thoroughness of the research was acclaimed, Moravcsik received critiques on two main points.


Geopolitically there intergovrenmentalism great resistance to transfer monetary sovereignty to a external body, but the economic costs of exclusion were too high not to participate Moravcsik, Click here to sign up.

The relative power is based on a cost-benefit cal- culation for the states, those who have the least to win are having the best negotiating position.

EU Politics / Liberal Intergovernmentalism

The focus on the gov- ernment stems from the premise that it is the only elected body able which is able to make bind- ing agreements, narrowing the integration down to a mainly intergovernmental process Bache, George Such a coalition is seen during the earlier mentioned monetary negotiations in Maastricht; France and Germany agreed on EMU and therefore Britain had to participate ibid.: In coming to this perspective intergovernmentalism is clearly influenced by the realist school of thought in international relations.

During the negotiations on what will be the agreement, the actors have to debate on how this agreement is executed, a question of sovereignty.

essay liberal intergovernmentalism

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In the following essay I will begin by briefly lay out the main assumptions of the two approaches, drawing especially on their differences and similarities.