We will write a custom essay sample on Alvin Ailey specifically for you. You are commenting using your WordPress. At one point, white sheets are flowing from one side of the stage to the other, adding dimension and dynamics against the powerful choreography. Many observers of the current political scene have claimed that political action has shown itself to be futile, at least when judged by standards posed by past attempts to improve society. In bringing insights on this question from the Caribbean and Africa, Alvin Ailey shed light on the social dimensions that structured the concert stages and neighborhoods of the United States.

Racial integration in the dance world occurred slowly and correlated to increasing political activism for civil rights. Alvin Ailey was born in Texas in just as Martha Graham and others were solidifying the new modern dance. The models of Alvin Ailey pioneering are integrating their companies and nurturing an integrated, though predominantly black, audience base. He first glimpsed the iconic work 15 years ago and has since watched or danced it a few hundred times. These important contributions to American cultural life needed to have a place alongside the new dance styles and choreography made by European Americans during the 20th century. The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, formed in , fused in movement and theme the nationalist political focus of the s with the racial heritage of America—thus embracing and altering American modern dance.

But these formulations seem to suggest something different: Discussing the endless possibilities of the Dance Realm.

Ailey’s “Revelations” | e.

Because available textbooks do not present a complete picture, it is necessary to find ways to incorporate the work of African-American pioneers and second-generation modern dancers into 20th-century esasy history.

And, for some, it is the best possible representation of how Dance capital “D” can bring people together. The final section celebrates the liberating power of present-day gospel music.


It’s abstract enough that [viewers rssay not being bombarded, and they can decide what that means to them. Each of these groups turned to the emergent black middle class as their ideal audience members; that middle class had less interest in blatant social protest ideology. A classic has nothing to do with truth, oj it has something to do with wisdom. Judith Jamison in Alvin Ailey’s “Revelations.

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Categories Passion Power Purpose. We will write a custom essay sample on Alvin Ailey specifically for you. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This means that, from an historical and cultural view, all contributing work defined as modern dance is discussed together so that the developing art form, with all its influences, may be described completely.

essay on alvin aileys revelations

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Closing every show is Alvin Ailey’s masterpiece “Revelations,” which, coincidentally, premiered 47 years ago too. Dance history courses highlight the masterworks that have defined modern dance and the artists who created them, as well as their significance.

The setting is in a rural Baptist church in the present day; the dancers, in yellow costumes, enact a church service with fans and stools. He’s learning to get “beyond the awe of the responsibility” as the director of a company ailys has changed hands only twice — founder Ailey hand-picked Judith Jamison to run the company prior essa his death inand Jamison picked Battle when she stepped down in He first glimpsed the iconic work 15 years ago and has since watched or danced it a few hundred times.

essay on alvin aileys revelations

Art History Descriptions. You are commenting using your Google account. That earlier movement was alvon first attempt by African American artists to produce work consciously grounded in their folk heritage and to utilize that work for the social advancement of the race.


This revolutionary piece of a,vin reveals nothing less than the spirit, strength, joy, and genius of Alvin Ailey. And while I often start to complain seeing the same work twice in a season, like most classics, I can and do watch this over and over and over, without fatigue.

University of North Carolina Press. Desmond,Meaning in Motion: Modern dancers figured out ways to combine their ardent embrace of individualism with group movement and communal ventures, primarily in dances of America.

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Ailey made dances that were important to him, and the performances made the audience look to the particular cultural processes and social realities that inspired him. Martin Luther King Jr. About Me The Metamorphosis of Form: Hubbard et al, Performance as a whole yields insight into political activity in the way it focuses our attention on the weight and value of the actions akvin take.

essay on alvin aileys revelations

A classic transcends the winds of change. By examining two performing arts, dance and theater, the hope is to compose a method of analysis not based upon literature, language, and the analysis of symbols.

What makes Alvin Ailey’s ‘Revelations’ an American dance classic?

Literature Review Dissertation chapter: African dance has been described as a repository of communal wisdom, a mnemonic device for effective communication, and an educational tool.

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