If such a well-funded and well-backed agitation did not achieve its declared objective then the message to future change-makers is not very encouraging. And such confrontations, all through human history, have resulted in heads mounted on pitchforks. SBP warns of higher inflation next fiscal year. Govt working on new petroleum policy offering incentives to foreign exploration: Thirdly, the ranks of traditional protesters against bad governance and denial of basic rights, usually underprivileged citizens, have been enriched with fresh young blood from both urban rich and rural poor stocks.

Indian markets cheer Modi’s likely return to power. There were three leaders I remember, who wake up the people. And only in this way can the ongoing debate be reframed: How far are we going to stretch our luck in issues of key significance? Parliament has again been forgotten and there is no sign of improvement or change in the style of governance. Dollar climbs to Rs

On the one had are those who believe that they are shouting slogans for the one true Prophet SAWW of Islam… and on the other are those defending the political collapse of an indicted individual. May 21, Opposition protest THE opposition has gathered on one platform and the power maps are out one more time. The dharnas compromised their capacity to meet with clients, who have begun to look at competing countries to fill their orders. The difficulty is that the agitation appears to have been a replica of the agitation of Surely this insanity must end to pave way for progress and peace.

This is the only way that leadership of our religious political parties, and in particular the likes of Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman, will be pakistxn to answer and justify their position on the issue. While the dharnas have made avoidance of electoral reform impossible the prospects for a positive change in the political culture have not brightened. on

essay on dharna in pakistan

Also, China terms Pakistan as its largest investment destination in South Asia and will remain so in the years to come. On the one hand are those who are looking to find space within the political paradigm, and on the other are those who enjoy a virtual hegemony over political discourse.


May 20, CTP gear up pakisran against professional beggars.

Impact of dharnas on economy and foreign relations

Rehman January 01, Imran Khan has been copying Tahrir Square model protest from Egypt as advised by his support fro JI, but it was a failure as things in Egypt were against a dictator ruling for 20 years, in Pakistan Imran Khan came into lime light by same elections Nawaz Shareef won recently.

And how all members of the concerned committee including members of religious political partiesas well as members of the Parliament from different political parties voted for it?

At this point in time it is demanded from us to be sensible and believe that the politics of disobedience will earn us no respect.

Why would the Australian team visit Gallipoli for inspiration? A useful debate has also started on the rights of the people whose interests are adversely affected by the protesters or by official measures for dealing with them. What IK has done in recent months in dharna is outstanding courage, potential, commitment and marvelous leadership qualities when he ended his do or die adventure on the sake of country,s urgent problem. Or, as peacefully as is possibly.

He must find a way to end this brewing violence, without compromising on the integrity of his cabinet and its members. The movement of lost its way in populist adventures and if the system survives the storms of the people will have pxkistan precious little.

Criticism pours in as the international community denounces such unconstitutional political ploys to hijack the legally elected political regime in the country.

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The current political situation of Pakistan in the wake of dharna tactics is bringing in a bad name for the country. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. I feel like i saw Pakistan making.


essay on dharna in pakistan

The demonstrations led by Tahirul Qadri and Imran Khan set a record in Pakistan for extended protest. Secondly, the dharna triggered a wider debate on the right pakistqn protest. And only in this way can the ongoing debate be reframed: If such a well-funded and well-backed agitation did not achieve its declared objective then the message to future change-makers is not very encouraging.

The head that wears the crown.

essay on dharna in pakistan

In the circumstances, pakisatn heads must find a way to resolve this conflict peacefully. However, despite such logical and constitutional arguments, the one question that government has remained entirely unable to answer in a satisfactory manner is: The US ambassador in Pakistan has had official and informal meetings with different political and religious leaders and has expressed concern over the rising chances of anarchy.

The writer is a lawyer based in Lahore.

Dharna and operation

However, dharnas do not violate any express provision of the Constitution, still, ironically, they almost obliterates the entire ethos of our democracy. The argument that Dr Qadri or Mr Imran Khan could by himself steer the ship of state out of the storm amounted ij pushing the people off the path of democratic struggle for national advancement. It is a larger question of who Of more immediate concern was the fact that the dharna aggravated the civil-military imbalance, weakened the civilian part of dhagna establishment, diverted attention from the military operation in the tribal areas, disrupted the parliamentary agenda, and brought efforts to reform the foreign policy to a standstill.