Certificate can be purchased by an adult for himself or on behalf of a minor or by two adults. Certificate can be transferred from one person to another and from one post office to another. It has over destinations in India and links with 97 major countries across the globe. That’s why Kisan Vikas Patra scheme was discontinued. July 12, Updated on: Kisan Vikas Patra can be purchased by: This page was last edited on 25 March , at

As for the investment amount principal itself — you do not get any tax deduction under section 80C. No tax benefits whatsoever! Premature Encashment or withdrawal of KVP certificates will be at pre-determined maturity values as below. Thus the applicable interest rate is 8. Rate of interest is at 8.

The Indian postal system boasts of being the largest postal network in the world with more than 1. The goal is to open the doors for optimal water budgeting in all sectors. Interest rate is 6. Ashutosh Sharma January 8, at 1: Covering five acres of Regents Park, this was said to be the largest wooden structure in the world employing over 2, mostly female staff by The interest on both the issues are payable only at maturity.

The account in this scheme can be opened with INR But our job is to objectively look at the features of this instrument and prepare for interviews — get a job — get the salaries and then think about investing in KVP! The certificates can only be encashed in event of the death of the holder or forfeiture by a pledge or on the order of the courts.


Kisan Vikas Patra – An Investment Scheme for All

Manisha February 6, at 4: The first pictorial stamps were issued in A large establishment for the transmission of messages is recorded for Mauryan Emperor Chandragupta in BC. Published on Wednesday, April 25, And instead of letting this corpus sitting idle with no returns, it can be deposited in the various P. The three stamps in the Dominion issue depicted the Ashoka Pillar, the new flag of India, and an aeroplane.

The interest rate for Ob Vikas Patra is 7.

Sir what is the final cutoff for allotment? Mail services consist of parcel facilities that is trans-mission of articles from one place to another; registration facility to provide security of the transmitted articles and insurance facility to provide insurance cover for all risks in the course of transmission by post.

A joint account can be opened with spouse. Now Financial Ministry relaunches KVPthey mentioned PAN number vokas not required, may be they are in- directly offering black money to the indian growth, if pan card is not necessary how TDS will come into picture??

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Though RBI plans to cut the interest rates due to inflation taking a slide and the banks prying to stay competitive, the small savings schemes offered by the P.

Your investment will now be doubled in months or in 9 years 2 months. This post will help you to excel in this section. The award was first conceived by Prince Albert, Consort to Queen Victoria, in recognition of the bravery of men of all ranks during the Crimean War.


This account has been specially tailor-made for the girl child. The maturity period under this scheme is 15 years at an interest of 7. It was developed and maintained under the Mogul and later rulers.

And the interest is 8. This was the cheapest form of post provided to the Indian people to date and proved a huge success.

essay on kisan vikas patra

The top draw — the invested amount doubles upon maturity! The amount of KVP can be withdrawn after months 9 years and 10 months.

Kisan Vikas Patra – Wikipedia

It can be safely said that the Post Office has indeed played a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of the country, and no amount of technology like e-mails and smartphones can ever make post offices obsolete.

If I’ll be free I can think more innovative idea’s. Receiving hundreds of gallantry awards and one Victoria Cross, approximately 12, men joined the colours with the POR. This was followed kizan April by postcards meant specifically for government use and by reply postcards in