Born a princess, now a storyteller. We missed it this year! Tags Bangalore day show flower independence botanical gardens lalbagh. Even a couple of days after the show I was caught staring into space, apparently looking pleased about something, as my friends informed me. Notify me of new posts by email. Lalbagh is bordered by the residential locality called Jayanagar in the south and by Basavanagudi in the west.

The Republic Day edition was the st flower show at Lalbagh. He suggested that a European Superintendent be appointed with control under the Chief Commissioner. It was a two day layover before I went onto Hampi. The replica of Red Fort reportedly required , roses, and was built to a height 28 feet and length of 50 feet. There is no parking inside or around Lal Bagh.

Today, over 1, species of plants are found in Lalbagh.

The Bangalore Lalbagh Flower Show: A trip down memory lane

The flower show is held twice a year on Republic Day and Independence Day. Cleghorn was against the use of Lalbagh for commercial enterprise and instead suggested that it should aim to improve the use of indigenous plants, aid in introducing useful exotic species and help in the exchange of plant and seed materials with other gardens at Madras, Calcutta and Ooty.

Surrounding the glass house is a park with a vegetable plant show. Thanks for reading and for your lovely comments.


The timings of Lalbagh are from 6: Notify me of essqy comments by email. A grand show indeed!! I was lucky enough that I made friends with a fellow American who had been in Bangalore many times before in my hostel.

It was responsible for the introduction and propagation of numerous ornamental plants as well dssay those of economic value. Thank you for sharing, as always!! Lalbagh has a special place in my childhood floer. Cheers and God bless all. Thousands of flowers of different colours are arranged in different forms. Snow World in Hyderabad. Thanks for bringing it to all of us, Ingrain. I love the Show and I have managed several t Keep aside a weekend to justify your visit to the show and see for yourself, the flowers of India.

Lal Bagh Flower Show, August – i Share

Lalbagh has four gates The western gate is situated near Siddapura Circle and one can enter this gate and enjoy the sylvan atmosphere of the garden. PhotoSparks is a weekly feature from YourStory, with photographs that celebrate the spirit of creativity and innovation! Bendre Gopalakrishna Oalbagh K. Retrieved 1 March I’m sure it will be an FP.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Bangalore – History & Attraction

The replica covered entirely with roses and leaves. The garden also has four entrances, each welcoming guests with its uniqueness.


essay on lalbagh flower show

Built on the lines of Mughal gardens Persian architecture that was popular during the 16th century, Hyder Ali father of Tipu Sultan decided to create Lalbagh Garden.

After the show, nearly 4 lakh dry roses, along with about kg of other dry flowers, twigs, and foliage gathered from around the garden would be assiduously esszy with red soil and earthworms are let into the mixture at the compost units of Lalbagh. Lalbagh Botanical Garden is located in Southern Bengaluru and is one of the prime most tourist attractions in India. The Disneyland of Kolkata.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden – Bengaluru’s Floral Paradise

William New was recommended and he arrived at Bangalore on 10 April It is the glass house which is the venue for the flower show. Botanical Gardens in Karnataka, India.

But I did have time to see Lalbagh Gardens.

essay on lalbagh flower show

The flower show offers a riot of colours. The eastern gate has a wide road with Jayanagar close by. Like most people in Bengaluru, visitors to the Lalbagh prefer cycling to the garden.