One team member was in constant touch with the families of the drivers in the state of Himachal Pradesh, keeping them apprised of efforts to obtain the release of their loved ones and reassuring them as much as possible. It recommended that each border be assigned to one paramilitary force so that over time each can become familiar with the terrain, its particular challenges, and threats. There are certain standard procedures that have already been implemented. Operations are in progress to clear the building where the terrorists are holed up: There are other significant deficiencies for which Indian authorities ought to pursue urgent reforms, especially involving personnel, priorities, and governance.

But the most important recommendation made by the task force stressed the necessity for India to formulate and publicly articulate a national security doctrine and a national security strategy, which could enable comprehensive, coherent, and coordinated policymaking. A building had to be blown up at the Airbase to neutralise the sixth terrorist, he was carrying heavy explosives. Such engagement as exists is only episodic. The mandate of the NIA probe will include entry of the militants into India, killing of a taxi driver Ikagar Singh, kidnapping of Superintendent of Police-rank officer of Punjab Police, who was later released and entry into the IAF campus. Finally, there is an overarching challenge of governance itself. The transmitter was to be used to contact the other team of two or more terrorists within the base to launch a coordinated attack. This day-long wait by the terrorists gave ample time to security agencies to secure the base and call in additional forces to fight the terrorists.

The transmitter, carried by the four terrorists who kidnapped the SP to use his vehicle to reach Pathankot, was left by mistake in the SP’s car when they disembarked from the vehicle in the wee hours of January 1. If no, then why was the chopper deployed and not drones in large numbers. This was visible both in the failure to harden the security perimeter around the base and in the ad hoc and uncoordinated response to the attack. Additional bureaucratic layers added to an already top-heavy system will not likely make any difference unless the reality at the local level is addressed.


Two terrorists still holed up in IAF base in Pathankot, operation still on: A similar transmitter has been recovered from near the area where the two terrorists were killed. How was NSG deployed before the attack if not because of swift action?

The Pathankot Attacks: The link between terrorism and the drug market

Around the same time, another Iraqi militant group brutally executed 12 Nepali drivers who were taken hostage. Government presumes the terrorists smuggled in heavy explosives through the drug-smugglers route in Punjab.

Etrror strong agency at the national level and the best gadgetry in the world will not meet the challenge of cross-border terrorism if these long-standing governance infirmities remain unaddressed.

Firing could be heard from inside during Monday night and early Tuesday. Subrahmanyam, a well-known security analyst and former senior official in the Ministry of Defence. Shoot-at-sight order at airbases”. Therefore, it is surprising that the teror government, under advise from NSA Ajit Doval, decided to bring in the NSG from Delhi rather than request the army stationed there to be immediately deployed. Kumar 35who was killed in the anti-terrorist operation, arrives in Bengaluru. Fresh explosions followed by intermittent firing erupt at Pathankot Air Force base.

The Pathankot Attacks: The link between terrorism and the drug market – The Takshashila Institution

This article is closed for comments. Operation done without compromising any asset, strategic or otherwise, says Manohar Parrikar. Should it be surprising that terrorist elements are also able to enter without hindrance like contraband smugglers to then attack targets in the country? Pathankot Air Force Station. First, the foreign secretary-designate convened a meeting of all senior TV producers and print media editors to impress upon them the need to undertake responsible reporting to avoid affecting the safety and survival of the hostages.

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A senior officer of the National Security Guard NSG was killed in an accidental explosion during combing operations at Pathankot air base on Sunday pushing the number of casualties among security forces to seven.


Available evidence shows that the answer is negative.

The Pathankot Terror Attack: An Analysis | My India

Circumference of air base is 24 kilometres, it takes time to comb the area. Furthermore, the report was released as a public document that could be debated openly. Revived Defence Intelligence Agency. This article is primarily aimed at establishing a link between the terror attacks in Punjab and the drug smuggling rampant in the state.

essay on pathankot terror attack

A building had to be blown up at the Airbase to ln the sixth terrorist, he was carrying heavy explosives. Only 4 Pathankot attackers confirmed”. In the case of Pathankot, limited coordination and poor flow of information similarly hurt the effectiveness of crisis management.

There was no single operational headquarters set up to coordinate the response to the attacks and to function as the single interface with the central government, and contradictory instructions passed back and forth between multiple central and state agencies without a nexus of coordination.

Therefore, at the ground level there is virtually no policing of the kind that might have apprehended the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists as they landed on the beach outside Mumbai. The local security staff then invoked measures to first evacuate foreign military personnel located at the base and simultaneously initiated counter measures to secure assets at the base including aircraft, ammunition depot, radar installations, ATC area and technical area within the base.

The complainants, five widows posted as constables in the SSP’s office, were allegedly being harassed by Patgankot headquarters Salwinder. Such engagement as exists is only episodic.