Breaking the silence, standing tall 25,Feb, oxfamadmin. Can we not have a system where children are given an opportunity to prove themselves in any field they are good at? Chhattisgarh — Food Security Region: Also published on The Text Collector Digest: Of course, this has little use to the youth of South Sudan.

The youth of South Sudan are caught in between their cultures, the Old Guards and their new world dawning with the world class order. The youth should be given right place and source. Oxfam has reached Gorkha district in Nepal 29,Apr, oxfamadmin. Mapping maternal health in Odisha? A child carries out a great research work and sends it to various institutes.

This was the outcome of the initiative taken by colleges and other educational institutions. When we start giving the right direction to the youth and start ‘using’ their positive energy in a channelised way,the youth becomes the fountain head of creativity.

essay on youth of today useless or usedless

Stories from the ground 27,Feb, Anisha. This is the country,you are the generation”. If we think honestly, do our elders have enough time to devote in guiding young generation in right direction? However, the problems facing talent programs uselexs South Sudan remain lack of access to funding, especially at a small scale and grassroots levels.

Youth are not useless, but they are used less | Sulekha Creative

Babby, Tabby Penny, my first born, has torn almost a quarter of the books in my home library. Yes, the perception is so different not useless but Used less.


Changing the Face of Urban Poverty 22,Nov, oxfamadmin. Message for today’s youth,message for the senior citizens who still need to recognise potential of tiday youth,message for parents to encourage youth of India Good for nothing! Geeta Devi overcame every barrier to ensure forest rights for her community 20,Jul, oxfamadmin. The following is an extract form the project that was disrupted when I received threatening messages to leave South Sudan.

Or how about asking them why they don’t care? My Review Would you like to review this Story? And the best way out is not to riot but to write; to write pretty petty yoyth for a living, the best way to access that money from any austerity authority in South Sudan. Oxfam assessing the situation in devastated Gorkha district 30,Apr, oxfamadmin. Those days, we used to boldly fill in: Early warning system installed by Oxfam in flood prone area of Odisha helps locals 30,Jul, oxfamadmin.

The rule of the game is simple, kseless you are swallowing, I am spitting verbally.

Youth Useless Or Used Less Paper

Woman farmer braves odds in male dominated agriculture sector 11,Apr, oxfamadmin. Oxfam India and partner empowered Gurugumia, she inspired her village 14,Jun, oxfamadmin. Registrations for the Bengaluru Trailwalker are now open!


essay on youth of today useless or usedless

Oxfam has reached Gorkha district in Nepal 29,Apr, oxfamadmin. Posted 3 Years Ago. This class has nothing today, but will have something after today. But something serious is happening to our youth who are emerging from the youthhood to the stage of citizenship. It lies, we have realized, in the fact that the marginalized peoples of South Sudan have just discovered that they are ranking high among the richest in the world in mineral deposits in their land; but there are even more potential riches not yet explored and exploited—the talent deposits in their hand, especially among the youth and children.

Rampant child marriage in Jharkhand village is becoming a health concern 15,Sep, oxfamadmin. Intolerance Impeding Innovation 22,Nov, oxfamadmin. A day in the life of a year-old Rani 12,Oct, Anisha. Making up usedpess lost time to get education 17,Mar, oxfamadmin. Braithwaite about whom we read and saw in “To Sir With Love”. Posted by Oxygen a movement at 5: Breaking the silence, standing tall 25,Feb, oxfamadmin. Oxfam begins relief work for thousands 27,Apr, oxfamadmin.