The supplementary facility aims to provide temporary financing for members which may be in balance-of-payments difficulties. The urban middle class, which is usually politically aware and referred to as the digital native, is a particular feature that rises from the process of globalization. Recognizing this instrumental governmentalization of culture, Bennett suggests, theorists should intervene in the inextricably institutional contexts that constitute and manage culture and its effects. In understanding the relationship of globalization and cultural identity, I incline to agree with Arjun Appadurai who contends that globalization is not a linear wave that homogenizes different societies into a single identity, but a multidirectional wave that stimulates localities to respond to the growing global trends. An analysis of Indonesian politics, meanwhile, has generally a negative look a power.

On one side is the movement of laissez-faire— the efforts by a variety of groups to expand the scope and influence of so-called self-regulating markets. I argue that the external and foreign forces are the most notable reasons in promoting the neoliberal ideology in Indonesia. The normative practices of the nation-state which involve policing, disciplining and reproducing compliant national citizens are not automatically efficacious. Recognizing this instrumental governmentalization of culture, Bennett suggests, theorists should intervene in the inextricably institutional contexts that constitute and manage culture and its effects. The cultural policy of Constitutional Democracy demonstrated some continuity with late colonial and Japanese occupying cultural policy in its use of culture to alter the behaviors of individuals and manage populations Jones,

Culture was understood as being able to change the attributes of populations through addressing the behaviors of their members as individuals, making it an ideal field for governmental programs.

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In this regard, Indonesia is not an exception. It would regulate most reproductions or adaptations of Indonesian regional material arts, music, theater, and dance as well as stories and ritual ceremonies, regardless of their date of origin.

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Yet, societal institutions form an element of strategies to the continued existence of the state. As Jones observes, the regime shifted its emphasis in cultural policy from the positive elements of national development to its more negative features of combating negative outside influences that would weaken national culture and protecting cultural values and heritage.

As we have already seen, the classical strategy for mediating this conflict has been through economic means Polanyi The directorate, having been joined back with education, undertakes the project of Database of National Culture.


essay tentang indonesian social culture for aec

Beyond the binary perspective that views the nation- state and globalization process as an opposition that is ultimately always counterproductive, I believe that the nation-state and global processes are mutually reinforcing. Reading Karl Polanyi for the 21st Century.

Children homework books for, essay bangalore city simple on, the dress workplace in essay code. Given the unpopularity of neo-liberalism in Indonesia, successive governments of the post-New Order era strongly denied adopting this ideology and even made strong public remarks against neoliberalism, either directly or indirectly. As an interdisciplinary field of enquiry, cultural studies has showed considerable interest in cultural politics, which is related to the way to govern cultural resources within the relations of power McGuigan This tendency is mirrored in both the academic manuscripts and the bill itself in the statement about globalization.

While at the same time the state action is viewed as necessary for Indonesia to meet the global economic challenges, the process of globalization erodes the power of the state.

However, the process of political decentralization and the weakening of the central state have created opportunities for indonewian and liberal minded opposition to contest this model.

In Japan, Korea, India, and Malaysia, the discussion about whether the people are properly holding up the national identity is always enunciated. In realizing the civilizing function of culture, the state had to first deal with the vast ethnic diversity and the complex social composition of the Indonesian population.

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The provincial and municipal level governments are authorized to restructure the cultural soical that came under their control and reassess their priorities. Please for not expect a big bang event in where everything is going to happen overnight when the ASEAN Economic Community comes into being.

To expedite the process of financial services liberalisation, ASEAN has agreed on a positive list modality and adopted milestones to facilitate tdntang.

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With a wealth of references and relevant culhure examples that span across Indonesian modern history, Jones has succinctly shown how national culture has been constituted via government policies as the governmental strategy to manage the population. It is expected to provide relevant information about regional priorities and in this way foster productive, inclusive, and sustainable growth. Although development was an important part of liberal rationalities of government, development discourses had some differences in Indonesia.


Another challenge for Vietnam, the article stated, is the need to compete with other countries in the ASEAN market to export raw products since the country had mainly essah raw products.

The press no longer conformed to the SARA framework and in urban locations cultural indonewian stopped seeking permits to perform. These leaders—such as Hatta, Natsir, and Ali Sastroamidjojo—followed a model of administration that borrowed much from liberal orthodoxies of government. By building an environment that reduces barriers descriptive essay falling in love trade, ASEAN trade will increase, thereby decreasing the for of another food price crisis.

essay tentang indonesian social culture for aec

Firstly, as a tool of civilizing the citizens that is particularly prominent in the post-colonial era of Indonesia in indonesixn As such, it is my objective to demonstrate the Indonesian cultural policy in the globalized context as a part of a whole continuum that is impacted by the past and impacts future circumstances.

Most Indonesian policy is issued to adapt to a continuously changing international and regional economic environment.

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Through the governmental technologies policy and programs of cultural institutions in various levels, I argue that the Indonesian cultural policy in the post-Reformation era has socia characterized by a more developed use of culture: This phenomenon, which proceeds rapidly at times, can bring about sociap so-called national identity crisis.

A more detailed discussion on the cultural strategy in response to the neoliberal globalization is presented in the following sub-chapters, in which the policies are classified into national and local levels. Fr feature of globalization inevitably demands the incorporation of nation- states, such as Indonesia, into the dominance of neoliberal economic practices. This notion is developed primarily in the study of cultural policy in Canada, and one of the prominent scholars in this field is Cory Blad ,