Where an indigenous group retains control of its traditional habitat and way of life, language maintenance is likely Nettle and Romaine, , as cited in Mesthrie et al. All Indonesians, except those in very remote and isolated areas, are surrounded by the pressure to modernise, and Indonesian is the language of modernisation; proficiency in Indonesian is essential for anyone wanting to live anything but a wholly traditional life Sneddon, a. This result is also likely to happen in the Indonesian language as a result of contact with other regional languages. The shift from Jakarta Malay to Indonesian among traditional Betawi families is also an example of this trend Sneddon, a: On the other hand, multilingualism is the practice of alternately using three or more languages Weinreich, This dialect is considered more inferior compared to its standard variant of the Solo-Yogya dialect.

As for the language maintenance, the policies made by the government to protect the regional languages were, to some extent, only applicable for major vernaculars with larger numbers of speakers, and there was less support to protect the minor languages. Indonesian Language and Literature: Of these, are living and 13 are extinct Lewis et al. Article Tools Print this article. Abstract This essay is about the maintenance of Banyumas dialect.

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The most common specific type of influence is the borrowing of words Thomason, Therefore, it seems reasonable to note that in spite of the relatively rapid shift of first language acquisition from a local vernacular to Indonesian, the vernaculars are still 16 Language maintenance denotes the continuing use of a language in the face of competition from a regionally and socially more powerful language Mesthrie et al.

From the mapping of this contribution, it appears that languages that are geographically located in the eastern region of Indonesia contributed less than those from the western side, with Javanese being the greatest contributor, followed by Minangkabau and Sundanese Ibid.

Pemertahanan Dialek Banyumas terhadap Dominasi Dialek Solo-yogya

Weinreich continued to argue that the mechanisms of interference would appear to be the same whether the contact is between two different languages or between two sub-varieties of one language used by neighbouring families It will first present theories and studies on language contact, and will then present relevant examples based on previous studies and published research.


Oh my god free song mp3 download. Article Metrics Abstract views: However, Sneddon a proposes that the only realistic way of preserving the regional languages would be in a genuine attempt to maintain the traditional cultures in which the languages are used, because the preservation of languages is linked closely to the preservation of the cultures of which those languages are a part Ibid: Languages of the World, Seventeenth edition. Furthermore, based on research done by linguists on language maintenance in Indonesia, there is an indication that there was a sign of diglossia leakage, which means the Indonesian language High variety had encroached upon the regional languages Low variety.

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By I Wayan Arka. Of these, are living and 13 are extinct Lewis et al.

essay tentang pemertahanan bahasa indonesia

Log In Sign Up. Nababan points out that there will be a gradual increase in the use of Indonesian language among the villagers or people in the small towns when the younger people who have gone through the educational system start replacing their elders on the village councils.

The study demonstrated that the language was still withstanding the pressure of Indonesian due to the religion factor, and was still used within the Muslim community as a symbol of religious faith and to distinguish themselves from the majority Hindu communities in Bali Manaf, Diponegoro University, Semarang, 6 May London and New York: Midway Arcade Treasures 2.

S Ibra Gueye mafatihul bichri. Download full text Bahasa Indonesia.

Pemeryahanan Groups of South Asia and the Pacific: Furthermore, when speakers of one 6 Official language: Email the author Login required. This is because the Indonesian language is a modified Malay language, which has continued to adopt and adapt words from other languages, including the vernaculars. Language and Society, 29 3: Major local daily newspapers, such as Banjarmasin Post in Banjarmasin or Manado Post in Manado,20 usually have small sections of columns for jokes, humours, or short stories.


However, Nababan strongly argues that this fear is rather misplaced for certain reasons. This dialect is considered more inferior compared to its standard variant of the Solo-Yogya dialect.


Budiwiyanto also points out that in addition to the number of speakers, there are several other factors that affect the amount of absorbed regional vocabularies into the Indonesian language, especially to the KBBI. The topic of the conversation is usually related with or in response to the headline of the page.

Get On Da Mic. Moreover, Mesthrie and Leap Secondly, all Banyumas speakers should posses linguistic pride and awareness that all languages are linguistically the same. Inlinguists in the Seminar on Vernacular Languages held in Yogyakarta made an observation that some of 10 Language shift denotes the replacement of one language by another as the primary means of communication and socialisation within a community Mesthrie indlnesia al.

essay tentang pemertahanan bahasa indonesia

Based on the official survey of on first-language speakers,13 one significant percentage increase was Banjarese speakers14, who increased at the indonesiaa of other regional language speakers, such as Javanese and Sundanese Sneddon, a: Because of edsay less prestigous status, the speaker of this rural variant, especially those who belong to the younger and educated generation do not speak their own native tongue anymore, but shift to a wider means of communication, the standard variant, Yogya Solo dialect or their national language, Bahasa Indonesia.