Static load test was carried out on Hengshui interchange ramp bridge of Lin-Chang expressway. The draped hybrid part external, part internal tendons are provided for shear relief. Module geometry is illustrated in Figure 1. Cumulatively it results in three days of typical segment casting cycle. Construction methodology adopted reduces the construction duration and economizes the overall cost.

Alignment is carried out followed by dry matching the segment to the exact position by adjusting with hydraulic jacks. I was there in as an german intern Civil Eng. This paper addresses the design characteristics and construction methodology for bridge decking in extradosed bridge structure. Integral connection at the pylon location of substructure and the superstructure is provided by pier tables. The microwave interferometer used in the present study is capable of multiple-point displacement measurements.

Log into your account. I have a question: Soffit corners are rounded due to presence of transverse tendons in outer sloping webs and also to reduce drag coefficients under wind loadings. In this mode loaded Puller tractor moves to Load extrdosed jetty structure as shown in Figure 8 and then via lifting gentry crane it is being loaded on floating barge.

Extradosed Bridge-Span Construction: Case Study of 3rd Narmada Bridge, Bharuch

Case Study of 3rd Narmada Bridge, Bharuch. On erection front, segments per months are achieved with help of 3 sets of BridgeBuilder. As in described in geometry, transverse as well as longitudinal tendons are there for post tensioning purpose.

The dynamic characteristics of this super-long-span cable-stayed bridge were then analyzed. Segment stacking yard is planned adjacent to segment production area. Module geometry is illustrated in Figure 1.


Power spectral density analysis of the measured signal was done with frequency domain analysis methods. Stay cable extradosed system-Dyna-Link Anchor box stay cable system, Post-tension bar stressing. Application of the glue on the face of the erected segment as well as new segment is carried out by experienced construction workers.

Evaluation of the Dynamic Characteristics of an Extradosed Bridge Using Microwave Interferometer

On Narmada River, Nr. In current scenario, many structural configuration options are available for bridge structure. Then barge is being aligned to the orientation of bridge segment.

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extradosed bridge thesis

After the erection of one segment on expansion side; next segment will be erected on continuous joint side. Anchor saddle boxes are provided at upper pylon which provides individual support for each strand and avoid lateral pressures due to grouping of strands. The microwave interferometer bricge in the present study is capable of multiple-point displacement measurements.

Evaluation of the Dynamic Characteristics of an Extradosed Bridge Using Microwave Interferometer

Bored cast-in-situ piles of 1. In order to study the dynamic characteristics of a super-long-span cable-stayed bridge which is semi-floating system, fxtradosed spatial finite element model of this cable-stayed bridge was established in ANSYS based on the finite element theory.

These bars are connected throughout five segments and then stressed by placing hex-nut and tightening it up to desired pressure. Stay-cables and extrsdosed tensioning systems are provided to have structurally sound deking system.


Finally, comparing the test values with the results obtained from FEM analysis, it was verified that the rigidity transverse beam method with infinte stiffness is also sxtradosed to caculating and predicting the load transverse distribution of the multi-box steel-concrete composite bridge. As a result of advancement in the construction technology, construction field is spectating merger of structural configuration to achieve desirable results.

Several modal shapes of the whole bridge are precisely identified by linking the mode shapes of seven sequential measurements. Considering balance cantilever method of erection preliminary step of handling and transportation work is to identify the segment. Six Laning of Km Zadeshwar crossroads, Bharuch, Gujarat, India.

Stay segment takes five days due to complex reinforcement and other guide-pipe arrangement in blisters. Ease in construction can determined by the ongoing process, which is at segment casting yard- with six moulds and 3 to 5 days of casting time cycle for segment, average segments casting is observed.

Vertical pile capacity is duly modified for scour condition by considering overburden pressure from scour level. However,construction still has to face constraints such as tidal conditions and weather will, but bridge progress till date substantiates the importance of sound efforts in planning, design, and management.