Check to see if any of your clan memembers have knives. I make the Bangaa a Warrior to prepare to unlock the Gladiator job. This one is a bit annoying since they all start so far away. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. This allows all of your party to get in close and attack him, make sure he’s dead by the first turn.

Check to see if any of your clan memembers have knives. Double check for knives!!!! This was done to get a critical hit; critical hits are determined on the frame you press A to “Do it”. Only story missions are completed. After you’re all done doing that, go back to the pub. Llednar is killed in 2 hits, unfortunately, since the Estreledge guy doesn’t have enough Attack to do it on his own. If you changed her job to fencer and gave her the Silver Rapier, you will have to change her back into an archer.

Is there a way to warn the person who made this list rfta ask someone to fix it? Game objectives Beat the final story boss, Li-Grim, in the fastest possible time. I let that one guy die because he’s no longer needed, and his turn would just be wasted if he was alive.

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It’s the most tedious mission in the game. Ivalice, on the local school yard, a snowball fight amongst the school kids broke out.

I would suggest the Barong. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Note that these two battles do count into your “battles fought” tally, which is important in getting shop upgrades later.


The two Bangaa challenge Marche and the Moogle to a fight, and they accept. There really is no other way around it.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: FFTA : How To Get Steal Weapon Ability Early!

Follow the tips and it should have easy. They all checked for the exact value, but now yunt can be up to 4 points over what it says. So, the snowball fight finishes, and Marche talks to Mewt and Ritz, and invites them over, and Mewt talks about a special book that he is about to buy, and that he an bring it over to Marche’s house to show it to his little brother Doned, who is stuck in a wheelchair.

You are asked you name, you could simply ffha Marche, or enter any name that you like.

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You can check the current laws from the main command menu. If you want to know anything else about the items, such as were to find them, look at the site. Units are left to die when they serve no further purpose in the battle. When this cutscene ends, the town of St. The two monsters in the middle section are easily killed, but for best results, the fffta the bug thing HAS to be faster than Marche. Items Here you can find a basic overview of Items. They left, and they all went to bed.


The first city you get to place is Sprohm. A few rounds of ganging up later, Famfrit goes down. Mewt and Ritz will come over, and yet another cutscene begins.

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Is there a way to fix this? Download an emulator for your chosen console, find some ROMs and join the fun!

There are four Bombs, one is directly in front of you. The easiest way to attack enemies is from the rear, so move behind the the bangaa closest to Marche and attack. huntt

Again, the Panther taking a while to come down along with the cramped terrain around the cactus leads to some wasted turns. So, just follow the on screen instructions, move, attack, and all the other goodies, but soon you will notice that the enemy will only attack Mewt.

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Life couldn’t get any better. The latter teaches a spell that puts either all allies or all enemies to sleep – which essentially means it puts all enemies to thesiz.

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The Roulette spell KOs a random unit, and I redirect it to 3 of his allies; the thesiw is immune, of course. The judge now tells them that visitors are now to go to Sprohm You will also notice that there is a monster bank and a shop, browse and buy at your will.