Last years winner was someone not well known who does not have a position working as a theoretical physicist. Yet the question remains where is the proper place anywhere for any of us to present a thesis? Although at odds with the scientific establishment for most of his life, Heaviside changed the face of mathematics and science for years to come. I suspect that removing the 11 is not a huge deal, but your refusal to do so, makes it really seem like you are trying to hide something. December 11, at 9: The only advice I can give is to read the rules and guidelines.

He even posted a couple of short papers on this. However I have the feeling that A: These outsiders face a great chance of never being heard. CDT may be useful to model other aspects of quantum gravity but by putting in the causal flow by hand it can never be a complete model in my opinion. The period of stagnation has lasted for forty years now.

And why is it assumed that the final condition is indifferent anyway? January 22, at 7: Weyl, Einstein, Dirac and a host of others tried repeatedly to work relativity of scale into physics, but it never seemed to work quite right.

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I better split the 4 experiments mentioned in the paper into 4 single letters to the contest. If we are indeed all crackpots as many people suggest then the distribution would be the opposite with most authors doing badly and hardly any making the top bins that are dominated by the arXiv authors.


Thus, he argues, the distinction is artificial, and only a kind of union of kinematics and dynamics has a bearing on the predictions of the model. I tried Maple from Maplesoft Univ of Waterloo several years ago and never looked back. December 14, at This is not a perfect system by any means.

fqxi essay contest 2012

This conceptual blunder might explain the failure to construct quantum theory or gravity. Fqxii exist because the final condition demands it; more importantly, the final condition is other than indifferent because the very propagation of perceptual reality demands it.

FXQI rating is secretely run, corrupted, and distorted.

Robert Spekkens wins first prize in FQXi essay contest

I think that this is a typical question literally inviting crackpot activity, the kind of foundations of FQXi. I should have added that initially sounding absurd is a necessary, but not sufficient, criterion for any idea that can claim to be a paradigm-changing idea. I can see how that would be useful. Before the Big Bang papers at viXra.

The value of G within an atom or subatomic particle has never been measured; it is purely assumed to be the conventional value.

These transforms bring an underlying measure into harmonics, opening on all the complexities of measure theory. Then you need the ladder to 2d-order models, basically mathematical induction. Kind of you to talk with me. Lucido suggests that consistency is an ontological force of nature.


Robert Spekkens wins first prize in FQXi essay contest | Perimeter Institute

Thanks for your response; I look forward to reading your paper! Situation remains the same for the long length scale limit of string models which choses the easy way and just assumes the existence of QFT limit at long length cobtest and ends up with landscape catastrophe.

The 11 authors use viXra because of difficulties submitting to arXiv so they should be included. December 5, at 4: Last years winner was someone not well known who does not have a position working as a theoretical physicist.

fqxi essay contest 2012

To be honest Joy Christian is not the most amiable person to encounter. Fqxi essay contest The wave equations are all perfectly deterministic; the evolution of a quantum wave is completely determined by the initial conditions and unitary evolution.

Quantum mechanics is stochastic in the prediction of a measurement outcome. Understanding motives is the key to everything and every decent mathematician knows it. Triangle diagrams in the standard model.

fqxi essay contest 2012

January 8, at 6: I applied for one too. January 18, at December 5, at 6: