An overview of new construction issues will also be included. Traditionally, golf course superintendents have used the cover letter when applying for jobs in a very perfunctory manner; i. Deadline to volunteer for committee service. Next entry Submit job applications electronically Rau, certified professional in human resources. This superficial use of cover letters negates candidates’ foremost opportunity to take the initiative throughout the application process

The same needs to be true for a written introduction. Deadline to vote for ” You Asked For It Frankly Speaking entries 35 comments views. Along with a standard application, interested individuals should submit a cover letter explaining their vision for Lakeside Golf Course, a complete resume, and references to: Sending it Down the Drain — Drainage Basics Drainage is an important aspect of water management and has a direct impact on turf health and quality.

gcsaa cover letter

Golf course superintendents, assistants, employees of members, manufacturers, distributors, educators, turf maintenance professionals, turfgrass students and specialists are all welcome. Research to find out what qualities the hiring committee may be seeking for this role.

GCSAA automatically distributes this information to its members who have provided email addresses.

gcsaa cover letter

Convey how your achievements relate to the future success of their unique situation. Clearly, the best opportunity candidates will have to be successfully interviewed for a job is to present a cover letter that takes the initiative as profiled above. Supervises and assures preventative and corrective maintenance on all equipment. Directs seasonal staff and participates in the planting of new vegetation, the replacement, spraying, pruning and trimming of trees and shrubs, the preparation of soil plant beds for aesthetically pleasing arrangements and tending to high stress areas.


Assists in personnel management and evaluation, employee safety and personnel discipline. Under the Golf Course Superintendent’s supervision, this individual will assist in directing and participating in the full maintenance of the golf course, including tees, greens, fairways, cart paths, grounds, and other facilities. Assists in preparing reports, including annual operating budget and capital improvements budget for the golf course maintenance function.

Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. Sending it Down the Drain — Drainage Basics. An overview of new construction issues will also be included. The Mindful Superintendent 96 entries 69 comments views.

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For example, following are sample cover letter core paragraphs that clearly demonstrate taking the initiative:. Assists in planning, supervising, and participating in the maintenance of greens, tees and fairways; schedules work; and supervises the employees and the use of the equipment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

What motivates you as you lead your team and work to provide excellent playing conditions for everyone who steps onto your golf course? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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However, some states such as Alabama, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Kansas and a few others have their own unique deadlines. A 2-year Degree or Certificate in Turf Management or related field, like agronomy, horticulture, plant science, soil science or an equivalent combination of lettee and experience is required. It is your opportunity to give the reader a framework through which to read the rest of your career documents.


Refer a colleague and receive a gift. Sending it Down the Drain — Drainage Basics Drainage is an important aspect of water management and has a direct impact on turf health and quality.

The three paragraphs in italics below A, B, C would constitute the core of a cover letter – to be followed by a traditional closing paragraph.

Are the greens extraordinary and a major point of pride? Assists in the construction and maintenance of the grounds and facilities. Best to send as a PDF, which will appear the same everywhere.

Career: Cover letters for golf course superintendents

West Bountiful City, Attn: Promotes harmonious working relationships with employees and the golfing public. Deadline to apply for Bayer Superintendent Grant Program.

You therefore want your documents to be as professional as possible when printed for or emailed to the hiring committee. When the reassessment is complete, a revised curriculum will be developed for the education conference. Oversees and participates in repairs of broken lines or valves for irrigation system.

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