The programme commenced by recital of Rehraas Sahib Paath followed by Kirtan Samagam in which the students participated enthusiastically, reciting Shabads in Guru’s honour. The highlight of the programme was a melange of dances of states of India by the primary segment of the school. Search results for class 6 holiday homework guru harkrishan public school in Delhi,India. Search for Homework India. The year was a tragic year for the sikh community. They performed activities like mountain biking, rappelling, scrambling and team building.

All the students were dressed up in yellow colour and were looking bright, charming and energetic. Kohli, wife of School Chairman, S. A special Morning Assembly was organized in the school premises on 9 October, They were very happy while coloring on mango worksheet. Kulmohan Singh presided over the function. Chilling air of winter has changed into soothing cool breeze Here comes the spring season known as Basant Panchmi To welcome the onset of spring season, Basant Panchmi was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in the school on 1 February Under the project, the students of class IX were engaged in various activities like maintaining a record of the food items in their tiffin boxes for one week which led them to ascertain that they were consuming energy-dense, nutrient poor products.

Eat healthy ineia healthy and do away with the junk food is something we all must imbibe Different people come from different walks of life to provide services to other people.

A small presentation by the students of class 2 A during the morning assembly on 16 Febemphasized on the same. They surfed through water to reach their next destination and experienced a thrilling adventure sport Zip line.

On 20 July the students of Nursery uomework story time on the topic Thirsty Crow. The students exhibited perfect discipline while marching from Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib.


Our School Principal Ms D. Workshop on Road and Vehicle Engineering was held on The bonfire on the last night helped to bring the spirit of camaraderie and friendship to the fore.

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The school manager S. The camp also offered a bonfire with light music. Dhingra, also thanked them for being the backbone of the organization. As the day coincided with National Voters Day, the programme concluded on a patriotic note with a pledge conducted by the School Principal Mrs. Virdi applauded and commended the great efforts of students. Unc graduate school, gurusar sudhar: The Principal of the school also spent some time with them.

A counselling session was taken by the eminent counsellor, Ms Vandana Tandon, in which she gave numerable tips on smart parenting to the audience.


Power Point Presentations were made by the students. Numerous novel ideas were floated by the students in this competition. Dhingra administered students the oath of duty, devotion and dedication. Various live performances like Dramatics, Gidda, Music, Bhangra, Band, Robotics and Sports activities showed the skill and perfection of the students.

The highlight of the programme was a melange of dances of states of India by the primary segment of the school. Students of classes XI and XII exhibited their flamboyant techniques of martial art through Gatka in the morning assembly on 3 July A short biography of Chacha Nehru was given to all students and the young artists tried their hand in making a portrait of Pt.

Trekking allowed the students to explore the grandeur and depth of nature and get acquainted with variety of flora an fauna of the mountains. Their main mission is to ponder about the social issues of the society. Kulmohan Singh appreciated the efforts of the participants and inspired the students to emulate the teachings of ‘the Great Guru’. National flag was hoisted by the school chairman S.


This day is being observed with devotion and Sikh religious tradition by serving chabeel cold and sweetened water to everyone in the school as well as outside the school. The highlight of the project was to celebrate the festival of victory of good over evil differently.

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We endeavor to navigate through the perilous path of modern day education without ignoring our rich culture. Harmit Singh Kalka, also graced the occasion with her presence.

We express our gratitude to the parents of Class Holidau, who after attending the session willingly extended their whole hearted support by giving their valuable consent to run this program for their wards.

An introductory cum informative session was held for parents of Class V students by the Principal, Ms.

ghps india gate holiday homework 2015

Out of hundered schools of Delhi and NCR, 10 schools were short listed for audit. The tiny tots, dancing on their dainty feet, mesmerized one and all. The meet was declared gatte with the release of colourful balloons by the worthy Principal, Ms.

The tiny tots of nursery celebrated Earth Day with much vigour.