Eventually, like the rest of us, you must be on one side or the other. There was nothing a Visigoth liked better than to burn a book, desecrate a building, or smash a work of art. The modern Visigoth cares very little about any of this. After completing their reflections, students handed in their papers. Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On:

Smith is the story of a husband and a wife who are both assassins. Lesson Context and Time Frame. I discovered today that it is. As I recall it, Huntsman advocated charitable-giving and service in his address. What catches the fancy of the multitude is good. Work Cited Hayden, Scott.

graduation speech athenians visigoths

As Postman mentioned, Visigoth ideas are predominant in society today, which can be proven through the material found in media today. I would like to receive. I pass out the text of the speech and give students time to read it and take notes on the characteristics of Athenians and Visigoths. They were spectacularly good horsemen, which visigotha about the only pleasant thing history can say of them.

After completing their reflections, students handed in their papers. You are athenjans and it is not given to us to see your future.

graduation speech athenians visigoths

There are exactly eighty-five sentences in my speech, four of which you have just heard. Smith is the story of a husband and a wife who are both assassins.


And they also invented what we call logic and rhetoric.

graduation speech athenians visigoths

The Last Three Days of School. I tell students that they will be answering this question based on their reflection sperch their own lives and based on the ideas Postman presents in “My Graduation Speech.

To a Visigoth, the quest for knowledge is useless unless it can help you to earn money or to gain power over other people. To be an Athenian is to hold knowledge and, especially the quest for knowledge in high esteem. I mean that to be an Athenian or a Visigoth is to organize your life around a set of values.

Athenians and Visigoths: Neil Postman’s Graduation Speech |

Endings Leading to New Beginnings: Postman wrote his graduation speech before he was ever asked to give one.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: To a Visigoth, there is no measure of artistic excellence except popularity.

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Since the definition is a tad confusing, I give students this information: One student took a different approach in her response: How about make it original? They even invented what, today, we call the Olympics, and among their values none graduatjon higher than that in all things one should strive for excellence.

Too good, in fact, to be wasted on the young: The Modern Prometheus” Unit The history of humans and the imagination of people are all rooted in Visigoth ideals. They believed in reason. Sign Up Log In. And they admire those who can achieve such skill. Not, of course, your biological atheniahs, about whom I know nothing, but your spiritual ancestors, graduatiin whom I know a little.


A modern Visigoth is interested only in his own affairs and has no sense of the meaning of community. I was bored to distraction and just wanted speecy get my degree and beat it out of there. And I must also tell you, as much in sorrow as in shame, that at some of our great universities, perhaps even this one, there are professors of whom we may fairly say they are closet Visigoths.

We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. And so, whether you were aware of it or not, the purpose of your having been at this university was to give you a glimpse of the Athenian way, to interest you in the Athenian way.