I had seen someone standing outside, and there was a construction worker who dashed inside the elevator with me just as the debris swept through the lobby and it instantly became pitch black, as if you were in a closet with the light out and a blindfold on. Get the Picture Join 27 other followers Do It. I was exhausted; I felt rather sick from all the smoke and ash that I had inhaled—not only initially, but all day long. My mouth, my nose, my eyes were filled with ashes. I feel a responsibility to continue. It was so unbelievable that I guess you just had to rely on what you normally do, and just keep doing your job. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

So my instinct was to go to the place where the tower had fallen. You could not see anything. Sep 08, 3: I worked that day until night, at which point I felt that it was time to leave. It was very disturbing to see this massive destruction in my own city, in my own country. I have discovered the photographs and stories of new image makers that I did not know and some hidden treasures along the way. The pic by melinamara is a tour de force if you feel Beto off with his head!

ground zero james nachtwey essay

Then he turned around and went back to Ground Zero. But it was going to kill me, and there was no time to take a picture. Every time you opened your camera back, there was no time even to dust it groud, because more ash would fall in. A photograph by Michael Coyne pictures a rehabilitation center stacked with braces and artificial limbs for the victims of war in Iran and Iraq. A lot of them lost their lives. They either ran away or were trapped.


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They were frightened, some were hurt in a minor way. This site uses cookies. Like all of the documentary photographers I know, Jim Nachtwey has an unshakeable belief in the power of images, and that there is a real social value gound people being able to see what happened.

I feel a responsibility to continue. I spent the day there, photographing the firemen searching for people who had been trapped. Pamphlets from the Daniel A. I began to breathe through my hat. I was making fast decisions with very little time to spare.

ground zero james nachtwey essay

Posted on September 7, 0. The most remarkable of these circumstances is the last one. But they were frontline troops without killing anyone; they were going there to save people.

Revisiting 9/11: Unpublished Photos by James Nachtwey

Sawada Kyoichi Mother and children wade across river to escape U. All I could do was document it to the best of ewsay ability.

ground zero james nachtwey essay

But I was still underneath this avalanche of falling debris—structural steel and aluminum siding, glass, just tons of material falling directly down onto me. Nachtwey glanced down, and noticed some people standing on an adjacent roof, looking west and pointing toward the sky. I made my way there through the smoke.

I found it here: Groknd nose, my mouth, my eyes were filled with ash. Three days before the start of the Iraq War inHayne Palmour IV captured the baptism of a Marine by a Navy chaplain in Kuwait, in a pool of water constructed from sandbags.


Originally from California, where he grew up on a wheat and alfalfa ranch, David attended the University of California at Berkeley and began his journalism career writing for the Chicago Reader. It was as if journalism suddenly rediscovered its roots, and the public responded. Everyone was extremely sensitive, extremely aware of where they were, what was going on and what was called for.

Icons: The 9/11 Series, Part 3

I initially thought that the building had fallen on us and that were in a pocket, because it was so dark. It seemed to me absolutely unbelievable that the World Trade Center could be lying in the street, and I felt compelled to make an image of this.

The next day I was quite sick, almost incapacitated—feeling dizzy, exhausted. I heard a machtwey that was out of the ordinary.

Sept. 11, – Photo Essays – TIME

It looks like there are railroad tracks across my negatives. He continues to cover conflict around the world.

It has been a great learning experience and my admiration for photographers of all types has increased. Nachtwey spent the rest of the day at Ground Zero, doing his job.