Very grateful for this. Thus, I made swift progress on my thesis and had my first draft out by end of the first semester. Contact the professors you would like to work with. There are only a handful of people on the admissions committee and they will be reading hundreds of statements. Hi Ivana, I have some questions regarding the honours thesis and would appreciate if you could answer them.

Most, if not all, outside sources of funding come with bonds. Do however check this out: Of course there are other time involvements such as in the assignments of modules, or the writing of the thesis, meeting with supervisors, but these are hard to give estimates to. Also make sure to print your hard copy early! As a part-time RA, you will be involved in collecting data with children, talking to parents, helping out with the recruitment of participants, and exchanging ideas with other students during lab meetings. If you have any additional questions for him, please email us at nuspsyche gmail. Sample Application Timeline or:

Yes, thesis is to be completed within 2 semesters. One way to boost this is to take a few years to do an RA or research masters. Newer Post Older Post Home.

As for research presentationI spent a looot more time on that as we decided to do a super exaggerated korean love drama as our topic was forgiveness and had to memorize the script and actions hahahahaha. I would say 3 different labs would be the best since you would need 3 LORs. Let’s do a precise comparison.


honours thesis psychology nus

Posted by crazerk at You should not do a PhD if: For the seminar presentation you have to make a video for the class to watch online and answer thought questionswe took two days to film our puppet show. Do your own Googling before deciding whether to email or not!

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I have a collection of websites on personal statement writing, as well honourd personal statements of those who got into top programmes. You get most of the time paid to do a PhD. It varies honurs professor! Are you ok with having such an uncertain timeline? Do think carefully if you really want to be bonded. How much research is enough? He also taught me how to run a logistic regression provided syntax and all and ran me through the theoretical underpinnings of it.

Hope this helps abit and let me know if you have any other questions! Also make sure to print your hard copy early!

I would recommend joining small labs so that you get more work to do, rather than being a small fry at a big lab doing grunt work. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A strong statement will get you noticed by the admissions committee.

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I was lucky to have found a prof who had several topics I could choose from, and which gave me experience in interacting with patients at IMH too. The location might also be important to some people.


honours thesis psychology nus

The topics itself made readings a lot easier to go through. The personal statement is one of bonours most important parts of your application.

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You don’t really want someone to spoonfeed you everything, yet you need someone who is willing to help when you need it. Experience can come from labs that are not relevant, content-wise, to your field. Listing them here would be too overkill, so please feel free to contact me for more information on how to write a good statement! He leaves me to do my thing, but when I ask him for help he provides good help provided they are good questions.

Check out the honoura portal to learn more about our current project and apply! Do you have to ask for thesis topics or is it ok to just state the broad topics you are interested in? Is your professor hands on i.

honours thesis psychology nus

So most people are in the 2nd category, and are deliberating whether it is really better to write a thesis than to take 3 modules. UK programmes are generally 3 years.

If you are unsure if you want to do academia, do a Masters research first. Also, the expenses are going to be very high rent, food, insurance, travelling for conferences etc.