My wife came to the United States on a K-1 visa, and our daughter on a K-2 visa. If you do not understand all the questions or statements, please consult with a lawyer. Greencard 2yr Conditional in hand. Huge thanks to all! Copies of photos of us together at various events with family and friends throughout the years Exhibit P:

Tax transcripts from the IRS are still the preferred method. Enclosed is a completed I petition form, along with several other documents listed here:. Had we not known of VJ, we would have never, ever come up with such a list. I can only say that some members here have reported submitting their I late due to either certain circumstances or they forgot the deadline. You link is good info, but it doesn’t really address “Requests for Evidence,” steps, which are fairly common requests during a petition procedure. Thank you for your prompt processing of this petition and for what we hope is your favorable response at your earliest opportunity.

You should remember that only an attorney can give legal advice. I’ve forgotten my password. If you believe Modern Sporting Rifles have a legitimate use, please like, share and participate on: I understand the process, been there long ago!

Stay concise and to the point. But if you want an answer to your question in red, please start a new post as I have no personal experience in submitting I late.

Got an RFE, please help – Removing conditions I – The World of Filipinas

Wow so it’s really a case to case situation: The petitioner is noted as a conditional resident by virtue of this marriage. Copies of greeting cards to both of you at the same address are also good. You can contact ICE via email at Immigration.


i 751 rfe cover letter

For ease of review, pertinent information is highlighted in yellow. Posted August 6, Our law firm, having filed more than immigration cases, is quite familiar with responding to RFEs. Digitize rfr and accelerate the way you create, prepare, and sign documents. Thanks for choosing a trial of PDFelement. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. Note that this guide does not cover every single RFE related issue.

How to Write an I-751 Cover Letter

I would suggest getting a testimony letter with your husband’s family could be a brothersister or friend telling that you’ve been together with their signature it will help. I Removal of Conditions: Additionally, you will need to submit a copy of the green card of the person who is applying for removal of conditions.

I still included the water bill which is under my husband’s name and Direct TV bill which is under my name. You link is good info, but it doesn’t really address “Requests for Evidence,” steps, which are fairly common requests during a petition procedure. The above are just a few points to remember when answering an RFE. Answers and comments provided on Visajourney.

i 751 rfe cover letter

As a typical Filipina, I was really into it. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.


rfe cover letter sample –

We even had our puppy in most of the pics we had together. Having dealt with so many RFEs, we have noticed that many people do not want to read the RFEs properly or they simply do not understand the lingo. I’m also attaching two pictures of how we assembled our package and the box we used for mailing since I’ve seen many questions related to these topics.

In my second post, I gave members the option to ask covwr questions as long as it pertains to my topic. You currently have javascript disabled.

i 751 rfe cover letter

Ivory Records has already launched his first official letetr last week. I’m doin this now. Car, health, or life insurance that has both of your names on the policy or the other spouse listed as the beneficiary.

Rfe Cover Letter Sample

We very respectfully request that this I petition be accepted to remove the conditions of residence for full name of wife and full name of child. A deed, showing co-ownership of your property or a lease agreement with both of your names on the lease.

Thank you Happy Chic.