The data model focuses on what should be stored in the database while the process model deals with how data is processed. Red Tacton was one of the advanced Pervasive technology that are genuinely user-friendly to everyone will require technologies that enablecommunication between people and objects in close proximity. Help Center Find new research papers in: This is because with this application records can be easily retrieved without any effort. Thus the Data is transmitted from one device to another device. Apart from this members can search for an old class mate whom they have lost contact with and of course reunion would have been made a lot easier.

To develop the RedTacton technology so that it can be used by soldiers in the rigors of a war in a physically hostile environment. The transmitter and receiver are capacitively coupled to the human body through flat electrodes that are equivalent to the antennas in regular wireless systems. RedTacton technology comes right in between wireless and wired connection. Of course in our discussion as we progress, we will begin to see how we can begin to solve these problems. The relational database therefore forms the data store for all the data that will be input into the system.

The problem of information breach would have also been solved, because all registered members will get information directly from the web application. Paper Title use style: These files can be lost by fire outbreak or even flood or a water accident. However, he chose the frequency range from 0. RedTacton utilizes a redacton to point network, known as a piconet.

ieee research paper on redtacton

Many provide a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates. Some of the benefits of the proposed system include: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


It relies on the principle that the optical properties of the electro-optic crystal varies according to the changes in the weak electric field. To suppress these emissions, we use a low frequency to drive the transmitter electrode, higher receiver sensitivity, and the minimum required power for rewearch transmitter.

In the past, they were often considered to be the universities or schools old boy network. Explaining why it is more secure and more efficient could be a challenge.

RedTacton Near-body Electric-field Communications Technology and Its Applications

By now the device has become cheaper and easier to deploy. In this paperI will discuss about RedTactonand it’s working states, body coupled A. It has been applied to authentication services e.

With a simple touch, the technology o trigger various responses act onso we coined the word tacton to express the combination of these two ideas. The name we chose for this technology is derived. However, all those reported technologies had two limitations: We have confirmed that the actual electric field produced by our prototype transmitter is an order of magnitude smaller than regulation levels for short-range wireless schemes.

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The first step in trying to apply Red Tacton would be to develop a device that can resewrch used to determine blood sugar level and display that information on an easy-to-read device to the patient. First as shown in figure2the transmitting and receiving electrodes of the Red Tacton receiver are completely covered with insulating film, so the body of the person acting as a transmission medium is completely insulated.

So, this online information called RASE helps one to complete this task within the time. He envisioned kn body as a signal bus between the computers and proposed an electric-field technology using an AC electric field ranging from 0. These are the two enhancements that we redtactonn think of in the future and to those who still want to research on this area.


Alumni Association is an association of graduates alumnus or, more broadly, of former students, or fraternities.

ieee research paper on redtacton

Click here to sign up. The output of the electrooptic sensor is given to the detector circuit, which in turn given to the interface of the receiving red tacton device. According to Kakade and Khobrade, Red-Tacton is a new Human Area Networking technology that uses the surface of the human body as a safe, high speed network transmission path. Medical Application A possible application is in the medical field for a disease such as diabetes.

Introduce the technology into Nigeria police force. International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology we, in this paper are explaining the unique new functional features and enormous potential of Red Tacton. The signal from the interface is sent to the data sense circuit and the transmitter circuit.

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If the Javelin is stolen or taken from a dead or wounded soldier, it cannot be fired without the transceiver. By reshma ravi and Aviraj Jadhav. Latest Technical Paper Presentation Topics -…3 Oct This post contains a wide variety of technical papers rectacton from various Engineering streams. It works by utilizing the electric field on the surface of the human body to transmit data between a RedTacton receiver and other devices. Performing authentication by gripping the door locks for locking and unlocking.