The numbering, position, size, shape and width of figures are similar to those specified for tables. A brief statement of the problem b. Oversize Material to be Folded Some oversize material cannot be reduced to standard-page margin requirements, and may be submitted on a larger-than-standard page. No titles, degrees or designations e. Definition of the Dissertation The dissertation.

Document for Word and If any printing appears on paper, that piece of paper is a page and must be counted and numbered. The supervisor may be consulted on this. Abdel Nasser, Gamal Not: However, the first sentence of all proceeding paragraphs should be indented 12milimeters. Requirements, Academic Regulations TH.

Do not repeat any element within the name. Berita Terkini Acara Penerbitan Kajian. TABLES Tables must be accurate and easy to read, and care is required in spacing, ruling, arrangement of headings, and placement with respect to the text.

Dissertation Guidelines Department of International Relations University of Malta The following details outline the expected standards by the Department of International Relations, University. Thesis and Dissertation Formatting.

References to key texts and recently published articles should be thesls. No dashes, periods, underlining or other marks should appear before, after or under the page number.



The first paragraph of a section need not be indented. Part 4 provides an Arabic transliteration scheme, particularly useful for the Islamic Revealed Knowledge IRK students who wish to write their thesis in English.

iium thesis manual

If a given name consists of two or more elements, the elements must appear in the bibliography. Statement of other research that have been done in this area. Change inches to centimetres: Did she ask, Are you going?

A legend follows the number of the figure and may be a title or a caption.

IIUM Thesis Manual

All such material is to be referred to in the text and noted in the Table of Contents, List of Figures or Tables e. The folds of the Universal grammar is a property inherent in man Chomsky, The Centre for Postgraduate Studies has started its effort in preparing the manual since i.

iium thesis manual

The use of microfilming and photocopying manuak must be done with great care. Objective This tutorial is designed for users who are new. Kerstin Frenckner, kfrenck csc. Since the bottom margin is 3. Long headings may occupy multiple lines.


iium thesis manual

The font size for chapter headings is 14 point. Subheadings are up to three levels: From Proposal to Defense. This page is counted and must be numbered.

PG Policies and Procedures

A proposal is likely to contain most of the elements listed in the table below: It is a guide so that you can monitor your own progress and manage your project effectively. Theses must follow these guidelines in order to be accepted at the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral More information.

Plagiarism in More information. The chosen phrase or sentence should neither exceed half a page nor have a heading. This shall be the responsibility of the Deputy Mqnual PG at the respective kulliyyahs and the supervisors. There are no specific rules governing the form and content of a research maual. Before printing, make sure that the paper is placed correctly on the Printer s tray.